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Stacey Sowards, chair

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UTEP's Department of Communication continues to evolve to meet the challenges of the 21st century student in professional, educational, personal, and border contexts.  Our five majors in organizational and corporate communication (also offered online), media advertising (also offered online), multimedia journalism, digital media production, and communication studies are growing in terms of both faculty and students, as we strive to offer the most up-to-date theories and skill sets.  We also offer a film minor and a graduate degree in communication studies.  As part of our effort to globalize our teaching and research, we also offer a special master's degree in collaboration with the non-profit organization, Rare.  This program is currently offered in English (in the Philippines), Indonesian (in Indonesia), Spanish (in Guadalajara), and Portuguese (in Brazil and Mozambique).  Our faculty represent the best in intercultural communication research; many faculty members focus on Latina/o communication issues in the United States, and we also have a number of faculty focused on global issues and international contexts.  Faculty members have engaged in cutting edge research on entertainment education, positive deviance, environmental communication conflict, organizational communication, media production and binational journalism, Latina/o health issues, and Latina/o participation in politics, media, and community organizations.  Our faculty members also include award winning teachers and community-based practitioners.


The Department of Communication, along with the Sam Donaldson Center for Communication, aims to be a site of creation and innovation through instruction, practice, and research. It serves as the nexus among communication scholars and practitioners from the United States, Mexico, and border communities. It is also a place of continuing education for Latina/o journalists, film makers, advertisers, and other communication practitioners, as well as the source of educational opportunity for students interested in attending a university in a bilingual, bicultural setting. The department seeks to enhance the educational aspirations of all students interested in bicultural/intercultural communication in a variety of contexts.


The mission of the UTEP Department of Communication is to educate future leaders of communication organizations and industries and outstanding teachers in the field of communication as well as communication practitioners in multimedia journalism, video production, advertising, and organizational/corporate communication.  Research faculty also strive to produce internationally and nationally recognized research in multicultural contexts.

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