Welcome to the History Department's homepage. We offer degrees at the undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral levels, and our students enjoy many opportunities for research and travel. Our faculty members are committed teachers and scholars, with substantial records of publication and national and international reputations. The faculty's particular areas of strength are the U.S.-Mexico border region and Latin America. We invite you to explore this page, and to contact us with any questions you might have.    

Bienvenidos al Departamento de Historia. Nosotros ofrecemos grados de licenciatura, maestría y doctorado, y nuestros estudiantes disfrutan de muchas oportunidades de investigación y de viajes académicos. Nuestros profesores son reconocidos en la enseñanza y en investigación, quienes tienen un extenso número de publicaciones y poseen prestigio nacional e internacional. Las especialidades con más fortalezas de los profesores son la región fronteriza de los Estados Unidos de América y México, y Latinoamérica. Te invitamos a explorar esta página y a contactarnos con cualquiera de las preguntas que tú pudieras tener. Información sobre el programa doctoral en el español.

Department Receives Equity Award from the American Historical Association

The Department of History has been selected as the winner of the 2016 Equity Award, bestowed annually by the American Historical Association upon an institution that has demonstrated an exceptional record in the recruitment and retention of students and new faculty from racial and ethnic groups under-represented within the historical professions.  “Since its inception (in 1999), the department has been a national leader in training and graduating students of color,” the selection committee commented. “Its programmatic focus on recruitment, mentoring, professional development and job placement has resulted in 17 minority Ph.D. recipients since 1999 and alumni who are teaching and publishing at universities across the globe.”

Dr. Leyva Receives Award from the American Historical Association

Yolanda Chavez Leyva received the 2016 Herbert Feis Award, for her distinguished contributions to public history.   “Yolanda Chavez Leyva has contributed to the democratization of history by giving voice to residents of one of the most economically disadvantaged neighborhoods in the United States,” the selection committee commented. “Establishing the Museo Urbano, a ‘museum without walls,’ Professor Leyva has overseen oral history projects, museum exhibits, publications and public programs documenting the rich history of the Segundo Barrio in El Paso, while striving to empower residents of the community to use this understanding of the past to shape their future.  Professor Leyva’s scholarship affirms the pluralism of American society.”   
Department Receives Career Diversity Award

The Department of History received a Career Diversity Grant from the American Historical Association to prepare doctoral students for professions outside of the academy.  The grant will fund a series of workshops with history PhD’s working in careers as diverse as the National Park Service, state archives, public museums, historical research firms, and scholarly editing.  Students will work with mentors in these fields to gain a better appreciation of the skills that are required to excel in careers outside of a university setting.  The grant nicely compliments a grant received from the UTEP Graduate School, "The Next Generation Humanities PhD," which also seeks to expand the employment horizons of PhD students across the Humanities.  

Kathy Patrick will be named one of UTEP's Distinguished Alumni and Ray Malooly will receive the Gold Nugget Award.

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