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An introduction

     The Humanities Program offers exciting and challenging ways to satisfy the Humanities requirements.  Whatever your major, as you approach the end of your college career, these dynamic courses are the ideal way to bring meaning and structure to all of the diverse subjects and involvement that makeup the college experience.

     Humanities students question the world. Through shared inquiry of history's great ideas and creations students evaluate the cultural and intellectual heritage of our times, exploring such basic human questions as how we learn; the nature of the state; the rights and responsibilities of individuals in the community; concepts of human nature; the human species as victim, antagonist, or part of nature; the supernatural;esthetics; and technology.  All of these concepts, in one way or another, will filter through each and every course students take and the careers they set forth on.

     All of the classes in the Humanities program are open to students from throughout the university.Students can also fashion a minor concentration in the Humanities based upon their own plans and interests.

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