Initiated in 1998, the Patricia and Paul Yetter Law School Preparation Institute (LSPI) is designed to help University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) students and the broader community understand the legal profession and gain entrance to law school.  We encourage you to learn more about this award-winning prelaw center at UTEP by navigating this website.  Highlighted below are some of LSPI's activities and successes.
  • The LSPI college program takes place in the summer and consists of a rigorous workload focusing on the critical thinking skills, analytical writing skills, and study habits necessary for the pursuit of a legal education.
  • The LSPI high school outreach efforts include a thee-week High School Law Camp that takes place on the UTEP campus, a regional high school moot court tournament, and a regional Citizen Bee competition.
  • LSPI provides internships (for UTEP undergraduate students) and summer clerkships (for current law school students) at judges' offices, government legal offices, and non-for-profits providing legal services in El Paso.
  • LSPI provides students clinical opportunities where they can serve as CASAs for children in the foster care system or moderators and compliance monitors in the EMPOWER program.
  • LSPI makes available UTEP's Minor in Legal Reasoning.  

LSPI Law School Placements
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The LSPI is currently accepting applications and registrations for the following programs:

Fall 2017 LSPI Internship Program
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