The Master of Arts in Leadership Studies (MLS) program prepares it's graduates for positions of responsibility in education, military, private industry, government and the nonprofit sectors dedicated to the improvement of both the substance and processes of leadership in a variety of roles. The MLS degree provides professional education for students interested in leadership careers.

The interdisciplinary program is designed to stress the knowledge, skill, values and behaviors essential to the successful organizational leader. Some flexibility in the curriculum is permitted to meet the diverse educational needs of the students at different points of time in their careers and in need of specialization in light of their career goals. The curriculum components are designed to produce professionals capable of intelligent and creative analysis, communication, and action in leadership functions


To educate, enhance, and transform the lives of our students.The Leadership Studies Program provides its students with an innovative educational foundation that addresses the theories, history, ethics, values, and technologies that prepares the students to manage and lead organizations at all levels to meet the challenges of the today and tomorrow.


A society in which those in leadership and management positions affect changes that benefit individuals, groups, communities, and organizations through the application of time-tested practices, innovative problem solving, and the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to anticipate and embrace change