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Summer and Fall 2014 Registration start dates:  

March 31

Registration begins for Doctoral,


Special Professional, Graduate,


Post-Bacc, and Seniors

April 7

Registration begins for Juniors

April 14

Registration begins for Sophomores

April 21

Registration begins for Freshmen



Registration continues for all until:

June 5

Summer Regular Registration ends

August 20

Fall Regular Registration ends

Keep in touch with the people and offices that will help you graduate.  Make sure you are taking the courses needed to meet your degree requirements and that your academic record is accurate and up to date. 

You must apply for graduation before the degree application submission deadline in each semester’s Schedule of Classes.  If you submit your application after the early application deadline, you will be charged a late application fee in addition to the stated graduation fee – and you run the risk of your name not appearing in the Commencement program.

Step : APPLY
Undergraduate degree candidates apply for graduation at your college dean's office; check early for the dates you can process your application.  

Graduate and Doctoral degree candidates apply with your academic advisor, and then take your application to the Graduate Student Services Office for approval;

Check here for Gradute Student information and clearance dates.

Submit your graduate advisor approved application form to the Graduate Student Services Office two weeks prior to the published date for the early application deadline to allow sufficient time for a complete review of your academic record.  Applications received after that date are not guaranteed to be approved prior to the late fee assessment.

Step : PAY
Pay for the fee online or at the Cashiers in the Academic Services Building. 

Diploma Application Fee

$30 if paid by the set deadline. (There is an initial deadline set each semester.)

$45 if paid after the initial deadline through the last day of finals


Diploma Mailing Fee

FREE- USPS first class mail

$30 - UPS overnight 

$50 - all foreign countries via UPS


Diploma Replacement Fee

$10 within the first year graduation

$30 thereafter

$30 for express orders at any time 

  NOTE: To have your name appear in the printed Commencement Program, your application must be submitted by the official submission deadline to the Registration and Records Office.

Do You Have "CONFIDENTIAL" records? Maximize    

Verify or Remove Your Confidential Status Minimize    

To verify if you have a confidential request on file, please log in to Goldmine and follow these steps:

1.  Click on Student Records

2.  Then click on Nondisclosure of Directory Information Status

3.  If you do have a request on file the following message will appear “Nondisclosure of Directory Information on file for (your name).”

You can request the removal of the confidential request in Goldmine by following these steps:

1.  Click Answer a Survey or Complete a Form listed under the Personal Information tab.

2.  Select survey entitled Student Request to Revoke Nondisclosure of Directory Information.

You can also email your request using your UTEP email account to

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After the Ceremony, Order Your Graduation Images at:
 or by calling 1(800) 261-2576

Click below for more information


Here's Where You Need To Be 

For further Information about the degree conferral process, diplomas, or commencement ceremonies, please contact the Registration and Records Office at (915) 747-7327, or email