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John S. Wiebe    

Dr. John S. Wiebe
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Ph.D., University of Iowa (1998)


Curriculum Vita
Research Interests    

Dr. Wiebe’s research has focused on adaptation to severe chronic medical conditions, such as end-stage renal disease and HIV infection. He is interested in individual differences in cognitive, emotional, and behavioral adaptation to chronic illness, and developing clinical interventions to improve patient adaptation and quality of life in resource-limited environments. His lab group has recently been involved in the adaptation of cognitive-behavioral therapy for depression and medication nonadherence for use among Spanish-speaking Latinos living with chronic illness.  The group is also doing work aimed at understanding the role of substance use in avoidant coping among the chronically ill.

Sample Publications    

Sauceda, J.A.*, Wiebe, J.S., & Simoni, J.M. (in press). Childhood sexual abuse in Latino MSM: Does resilience protect against nonadherence to ART? Journal of Health Psychology.

Romero, D.H.*, Morera, O.F., Wiebe, J.S. (in press). Assessing the Measurement Invariance of the Modern Homonegativity Scale. Journal of Homosexuality.

Johnson, C.J.*, Wiebe, J.S., Morera, O. (in press). The Spanish version of the Mindful Attention Awareness Scale (MAAS): Measurement invariance and psychometric properties. Mindfulness.

Simoni, J.M., Wiebe, J.S., Sauceda, J.A.*, Huh, D., Sanchez, G., Longoria, V., Bedoya, C.A., Safren, S.A. (2013). A preliminary RCT of CBT-AD for adherence and depression among HIV-positive Latinos on the U.S. –Mexico border: The Nuevo Día Study. AIDS & Behavior, 17(8), 2816-2829.

Sauceda, J.A.*, Wiebe, J.S., Rao, D., Pearson, C.R., & Simoni, J.M. (2013). HIV-related stigma and HIV disclosure among Latinos on the U.S.-Mexico border. In P. Liamputtong (Ed.), Stigma, discrimination and living with HIV/AIDS: A cross-cultural perspective (pp. 187-204). New York: Springer.

Sauceda, J.A.*, Loya, A.M., Sias, J.J., Taylor, T., Wiebe, J.S., & Rivera, J.O. (2012). Medication literacy in Spanish and English (MedLitRxSE): a psychometric evaluation of a new assessment tool. Journal of the American Pharmacy Association, 52, e231–e240, doi: 10.1331/JAPhA.2012.11264.

Wiebe, J.S., Sauceda, J.A.,* & Lara, C.* (2012). Assessing mood disorders and suicidality in Hispanics. In L. Benuto (Ed.), Guide to psychological assessment with Hispanics (pp. 113-128). New York:Springer.

Zogg, J.B., Woods, S.P., Sauceda, J.A.*, Wiebe, J.S., & Simoni, J.M. (2012). The role of prospective memory in medication adherence: A critical review of an emerging literature. Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 35(1), 47-62.

Lechuga, J.*, & Wiebe, J.S. (2011). The cross-cultural variation of probability judgment accuracy: The influence of reasoning style. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 42(6), 1054-1065.

*graduate student from my lab

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