Master of Arts in Communication

The Master’s program in the Department of Communication is a graduate researched based program that focuses on theory research, research methods and communication principles. In order to qualify for the Master’s program, a student must complete a bachelor's degree in communication or a related field. A student must take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) before entering the Master’s program.

The Master’s program concentrates on several areas of study:  Intercultural and International Communication, Cultural Studies, Rhetoric, Environmental Communication, Organizational Communication, and Mass (Media) Communication.

According to Dr. Sowards, Chair of the Department of Communication, the thesis research project is constructed by the student under the direction of a faculty member and approved by a graduate faculty committee. A minimum of 30 hours and thesis option is required for the Master’s program. A Master’s with a non-thesis option requires 36 hours.

According to Dr. Witherspoon, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts , a Master’s degree can increase salaries at jobs or careers. A Master’s degree can also be a path to getting a Doctoral degree.

For any questions or additional information a prospective student can contact Dr. Tom Ruggiero by calling to 747-5762 or by e-mail at