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We at Gold Line Press (at the University of Southern California) thought your creative writing students might be interested in this call for submissions to our annual Chapbook Competition.

Gold Line Press is reading chapbook manuscripts through November 15. The contest alternates yearly between poetry and fiction, and 2010's contest is for poetry chapbook submissions only.

The winning book receives $500 and publication of a gorgeous, perfect-bound book. Our priorities are to publish the highest quality work, but we also very concerned with the artistic value and detail of the finished product we produce for our authors. Because we are committed to promoting the chapbook as a valuable, viable medium for upcoming authors, our winners receive (besides the prize money and ten personal copies of the book), the benefit of publicity; we send 30 copies directly to respected literary reviewers around the country.

Our final judge this year is Carol Muske-Dukes. The details of the contest are below, and further information--as well as a link to our online submission page-- is available at our website (

Thanks so much for your time,

The Editors Gold Line Press
University of Southern California


Gold Line Press publishes the annual winner of the Gold Line Press Chapbook contest. The prize alternates yearly between poetry and fiction; 2010's contest is for POETRY submissions, and the contest's final judge is California Poet Laureate Carol Muske-Dukes.

The series is run by students and alumni of the University of Southern California’s program in Literature and Creative Writing.

The due date for submissions is November 15, 2010.


  • Multiple submissions are acceptable as long as they are submitted separately under separate entry fees.
  • Simultaneous submissions are fine, but please be sure to withdraw your submission via Submishmash if it is accepted elsewhere.
  • Please update any changes in contact information via your profile on Submishmash.
  • No revisions to submitted manuscripts will be considered. The author of the winning manuscript will have the opportunity to make revisions prior to publication.

Friends, colleagues, and current or former students of the judge — as well as current students of English or Creative Writing at the University of Southern California and recent alumni (graduating years 2005 to present) — are not eligible to compete. This year’s poetry chapbook judge is Carol Muske-Dukes.

  • We will announce contest results by email, as well as at
  • Winner receives $500 and 40 copies of the perfect-bound chapbook, 30 of which are sent to magazines and other venues for review.


  • Manuscripts must be 20-30 pages in length.
  • Manuscripts should be paginated with a table of contents at the beginning, unless the form of the book does not warrant it.
  • Include a cover page with title of manuscript only. No identifying material should appear anywhere in the body of the manuscript. Your identifying information will be available to us via our submission manager when needed.
  • Please do not include an acknowledgments page.
  • Individual poems may have been previously published, but the work as a whole must be original and unpublished.
  • The manuscript must be in English. Translations are ineligible.
  • $15 entry fee ($18 for applicants outside the US or Canada) includes a copy of the winning chapbook.
  • All manuscripts must be received by November 15, 2010.

Convocatoria de la Revista Secrecía

Segundo Número

Se convoca a todos los escritores a participar en la Segunda Edición de la Revista Secrecía, la cual nace como parte del colectivo de arte Koperativa, en Monterrey, Nuevo León. Secrecía es un proyecto que busca experimentar con la forma y publicar literatura alternativa y novedosa, de una gran calidad literaria.

Se aceptará poesía, prosa poética, relato breve, cuento, y fragmento de novela. El tema del segundo número de nuestra revista es: la Muerte. Favor de apegarse a este tema. Todos los textos que no estén relacionados de alguna manera con la temática del número, quedarán descartados para su publicación. La extensión de los textos no debe exceder las 5000 palabras para prosa, y de 5 cuartillas para poesía. Deben estar escritos en español, en formato Word. La recepción de textos inicia a partir de la publicación de esta convocatoria hasta el día 1 de Noviembre de 2010.

Favor de mandar los textos al correo o a como archivo adjunto. El correo debe contener también los datos de contacto completos.

Favor de contactarnos en caso de cualquier duda. La publicación de la revista se encuentra programada para el 6 de Noviembre, por lo que no se aceptarán textos después de la fecha del cierre.

Bruno Ríos Martínez de Castro
Director Editorial
Lic. Víctor Miguel Gutiérrez Pérez
Editor y Presidente del Consejo Editorial