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This page contains information about Texas Business Education teacher certification.  The information is to help future teachers complete the certifications for secondary business education certification by obtaining “Office Education” certification; however, The State Board of Educator Certification (SBEC) makes the final decision on all teacher certifications in the State of Texas.  This decision is made, in most cases, after the student has taught business education for one year.  Please do not interpret this website as “the official word.”  Again, The University of Texas at El Paso (and all other Texas institutions and certification agencies) only makes a recommendation for certification to SBEC.  SBEC makes the final decision on all teacher certification in the State of Texas.


Graduate Credit or Post Baccalaureate?


The University of Texas at El Paso has two options for Business Education teacher certification.  The first option is to take the required certification courses for graduate credit.  Fifteen of the 24 hours can be used towards a Master of Education degree in Career and Technology.  Teachers who hold a masters degree generally make from $1,000 to $2,000 annually above those with only a bachelors degree.  The CATE Master’s Degree Program of Study can be designed so that elective and resource classes can build toward increasing quality teaching or toward additional certification endorsements (i.e., principal’s certification, guidance endorsement, etc.).


There are two certifications with Business Education:  Business Education.


In 1995, the State of Texas implemented a new Career and Technology Education (CATE) curriculum that combined Office Education and Business Education into one CATE secondary curriculum titled Business Education.  During this time, the State of Texas also adopted the name Career and Technology Education to replace the name Vocational Education.  Since 2002, the University of Texas at El Paso has offered Office Education certification rather than business education certification due to the number of classes required for certification.


New teacher certification standards rules and Texas Examination of Educator Standards (TExES) exams are being developed and implemented for all Career and Technology Education (CATE) program areas.  Currently, only three program certification exams, Marketing Education, Health Science Technology Education, and Trades and Industrial Education (TIE) are available.  The remainder will be phased in and will be available by the end of 2006.  New Teacher Standards and Test Frameworks will be posted to the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) website as they are completed.


At this point, the faculty at the University of Texas at El Paso can only try to anticipate changes that will be made at the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC).


We are diligently working to meet the new business education teacher standards.  Below, are the current steps in completing an Office Education Certification Plan:




Career and Technology Certification Plan:


A CATE Business Education Certification plan lists the required courses and activities that the applicant MUST complete before UTEP will recommend a student to SBEC for certification in Office Education.


A CATE Business Education Certification Plan is needed for a teacher to be hired by a school district to teach Business Education.  You do NOT have to complete the requirements for certification before you can be hired.  However, an official CATE Certification Plan must be on file with the school district before you can begin teaching.  Please not that ALL new Career and Technology Education educators are hired in this manner.


The following is needed before a CATE Certification Plan can be processed:


Official transcripts of all colleges/universities ever attended.

$50 money order payable to the University of Texas at El Paso (non-refundable).

Photocopies of any relevant certifications, registrations, and/or licensures

Three letters of professional recommendation, one from an educator.

You MUST have COMPLETED your undergraduate degree before a CATE Certification Plan can be filed.


 When you have gathered/completed the above make an appointment to be advised by Dr. Darlene Brown:


                The University of Texas at El Paso

                College of Education/Teacher Education

College of Ed. Rm. 210

                500 W. University Avenue

                El Paso, Texas 79968

                (915) 747-7605





Admissions to UTEP through the Graduate School.  You MUST have COMPLETED your undergraduate degree before a CATE Certification Plan can be filed.  The following courses must be on your transcript

a.                   English 1311-1312 and Speech 1301 or English 1611-1312 with grades of “C” or better in each course.

b.                  Math 1320 or above with “C” or better.


Admission to College of Education

a.                   Texas Higher Education Assessment (THEA) test requirements:  Reading = 250; Writing = 220; Math = 230.


Complete CATE Certification Plan requirements:


Office Education Requirements:


EDCT 4300/5300     Instructional Design, Delivery, and Assessment in CATE

EDCT 4301/5301     Instructional Management, Safety, and Relationships in CATE

EDCT 4302/5303     Instructional Coordination, Guidance, and CTSOs in CATE

EDCT 5306                  Teaching and Learning in Business Education

RED   3343/5340    Literacy in Technical Content Area

EDPC 3300                  Developmental Variations

EDCT 4303                  Internship I in Career and Technology Education

EDCT 4304                  Internship II in Career and Technology Education


  • Minimum of 18 hours of courses (major/minor/cognate) in business or business education.  Note:  SBEC verifies these hours when you apply for your business education certificate.
  • Two years of approved work experience (utilizing skills that will be taught in a future classroom).
  • Attend and Complete the Texas Education Business & Marketing Professional Development Conference (including work-based learning session).  A Certificate of Completion must be submitted to Dr. Robert E. Gunter prior to certification. 
  • One year of successful teaching in Office Education via a supervised internship (EDCT 4303/4304 – three hours during Fall semester and three hours during Spring semester).
  • Letter of Acceptance for Certification

School districts require that students provide them with a “Letter of Acceptance” for certification.  This letter can be utilized by students that have an official CATE Certification Plan on file in the office of Dr. Robert E. Gunter, Director of CATE Certification.


Emergency Teaching Permit


·        The local school district will apply for and issue an Emergency Teaching Permit for the CATE student with an official CATE Certification Plan.

·        Teaching status:

o       A hired teacher in a school district teaching Career and Technology Education (teacher of record), or

o       A certified teacher in another recognized certification area.


Taking the TExES 8-12 Pedagogy and Professional Responsibility Exam


You will need to go to for testing information. If you have any questions please contact: Manuel Cano, Coordinator of Standards and Student Data, Dean's Office, College of Education, 747-8086,  Before an official barcode can be issued to you for the TExES PPR exam, you must first complete the following:

·        You must be enrolled in EDCT 4303 Internship I for Career and Technology Education and attend a minimum of three PPR review sessions (session dates listed on website above).

·        Completion of the UTEP TExES PPR qualifying examination with a score of 80% or better.

·        You must be enrolled in EDCT 4304 Internship II for Career and Technology Education and then apply online to SBEC for the next scheduled testing date.

·        Completion of the TExES 130 PPR examination and the Business Education content exams to receive a grade for the internship experience.


Applying for Certification


Once you have completed all of the requirements listed on your CATE Certification Plan and have verified completion with an exit interview with your advisor, you are eligible to apply for your Business Education Standard Teaching certificate.  Please remember that you are responsible for “keeping track” of certification activities, classes, paperwork, and documentation.


With verification of completion, you will need to apply online to SBEC for your standard certificate. 


Once you apply online, your application will automatically appear on Dr. Gunter’s listing for verification that all requirements for UTEP have been met.  Once the verification has been given, he will recommend you to the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC).  The State Board for Educator Certification will make the final decision on issuing your certification.  This is a five year renewable certificate.


What Business Education Courses Can I Teach After I’m Certified?


Here’s a quick list of courses that you will need on your transcripts, IN ADDITION TO OFFICE EDUCATION CERTIFICATION, to be able to teach all secondary business education classes:


  • Keyboarding/typing
  • Macro Economics
  • Accounting I or higher

Download a PDF table for a full list of courses in business education and their related certification requirements.  This document is from the State Board for educator Certification (SBEC).  <<Business Education course list with certification requirements>>


This certification document is derived from State Administrative Codes (TAC Title 19 Chapter 230 Subsection U).  The Texas Administrative Code