Vision and Mission    

Dr. Tabuenca

Maria-Socorro Tabuenca- Professor and Acting Chair


The Departments of Languages and Linguistics creates, analyzes, interprets, applies and disseminates knowledge about the human language capacity and about particular languages and literatures in all of their manifestations for the purpose of helping students to:


  • Assume the personal and professional challenges of the culturally and linguistically diverse world;
  • Confront intellectual and ethical dilemmas;
  • Value diversity;
  • See learning as a lifelong process;
  • Dedicate themselves to careers in teaching, research, writing, translation, and the promotion of languages, literatures, and cultures



Department programs contribute to the attainment of University goals in general knowledge and communication, critical thinking, problem solving, and professionalism.


The Department emphasizes excellence in research, teaching, learning, and service in linguistics, language(s), literatures, and cultures. We endeavor to produce language-related research of nation/international significance in our various areas of interest.


As appropriate, our various academic programs strive to promote language proficiency, literary analysis and interpretation, cultural literacy, linguistic analysis, language teaching methodology, and translation theory and practices.


We endeavor to graduate students who command a substantial level of knowledge and skill in their particular area(s) of concentration so that they may become successful scholars, practitioners, and leaders in the El Paso del Norte region and beyond.