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Start Strong in life – enroll in Army Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC), the college elective for undergraduate and graduate students that provides unrivalled leadership training for success in any career field.  If you have a passion for it, you can find a place to fit in the Army as an officer and get the training you need to turn that passion into a career.
Scholarships & Financial Aid    

Scholarships and stipends in Army ROTC help you focus on what's important. Namely, getting that college degree -- not how to pay for it!!! 


CLICK HERE to learn more about 4-Year Scholarship opportunities for high school students.


If you are in college and would like to explore Army ROTC, there are several scholarship options available:

Four-Year Scholarship - The College Four-Year Scholarship is for college freshmen in their first year of a five-year undergraduate plan.  LEARN MORE

Three-Year Scholarship - The Three-Year Scholarship is available for students already enrolled in a college or university with three academic years remaining.  LEARN MORE

Two-Year Scholarship - The Two-Year Scholarship is available to students who have two academic years of college remaining.  LEARN MORE


Academic Books/Fees Allowance - Scholarship Cadets receive additional allowances to pay for books and other academic fees per quarter.

Living Expenses - Army ROTC scholarships also provide monthly living allowances for each school year. You can earn certain amounts depending on your level in the Army ROTC curriculum:

1st Year - $300 per month
2nd Year - $350 per month
3rd Year - $450 per month
4th Year - $500 per month