University of Texas at El Paso
University Library
Collection Development Policy: Civil Engineering    

Degrees offered:

BS in Civil Engineering, MS in Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering, Masters of Engineering in Environmental Engineering and PhD. In Civil Engineering

Number of faculty:


Number of majors in the program:

Undergraduate 182*
Graduate 38* 
Doctoral 13*

Faculty Liaison:

Dr. Anthony Tarquin

Library Subject Specialist:

Debjani Mukhopadhyay

Program Head:

Dr. Wen-Whai Li

* Fall, 2006 data as reported by the Center for Institutional Evaluation, Research and Planning (CIERP) of the University of Texas at El Paso


The Civil Engineering Undergraduate Program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology.  Courses and specialization are offered in geotechnical, structural, transportation and environmental engineering. The doctoral degree in Civil Engineering focuses on engineering infrastructure systems. Infrastructure encompasses a very broad range of functions, extending far beyond the traditional scope of public works. The creation of sound, interlinked, infrastructure systems, including transportation, water supply and treatment, energy generation and distribution, and communications play a vital role in economic growth.  Although the Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering is actually through CERM, it is worthy of note here because many of the faculty from Civil Engineering teach the courses and the collection supports the program. 

Description of Existing Collection
NCIP Code: 2b

LC call numbers: GB, GC, GF, HD 101 - 1291, 1501 - 1741, HE, TA, TC, TD, TE, TF, TG, TH, TP, TS 800 - 937

We have standard reference works which are up to date. The collection is strongest in the areas of construction and geotechnology. We have made an effort to purchase new materials in the area of Environmental Engineering using monies provided for the new Ph.D. program.

We have 66 journals in Civil Engineering which include 30 journals from the American Society of Civil Engineers and a membership in the Transportation Research Board, with an additional 14 journals in environmental science and engineering.

Current Collecting Intensity
NCIP Code: 2b

Currently the library is collecting basic information in the civil engineering subject areas. The current emphasis is in construction, geotechnology and engineering infrastructure system. Reference tools and government documents are updated frequently.

Desired Collection Level
NCIP Code: 3

Additional reference tools, journals and graduate texts are needed to collect at a higher level.

Other Resources One of our strongest collections for Civil Engineering exists in the Government Documents Collection with materials for environmental, geotechnology, and transportation engineering. Government Documents has a complete up to date set of the Code of Federal Regulations in paper and through internet access. We also have a Texas Documents Collection with materials on the border region dealing with environmental issues.