Center for Civic Engagement

Sujin An
Harmony Science Academy

Christopher Anaya
Franklin High School

Cassandra M. Barraza
Mission Early College

Marco Barrera
Bel Air High School

Sarah A. Cardona
San Elizario High School

Crystal Caro
Horizon High School

Pablo C. Chavez
Del Valle H.S.

Martha Cruz
Mission Early College

Karen Fabela
Horizon High School

Christine Gallardo
Horizon High School

Elizabeth Gandarilla
Bel Air High School

Jesus Gutierrez
Hanks High School

Lorenzo Luevano Jr
San Elizario High School

Juanita Oliva
San Elizario High School

Helen Y. Portillo
Loretto Academy

Gabriella Sanchez
Austin High School

Daniel Vazquez
Mission Early College

Pamela M. Isita

To see a list of the 2005 CYnergy fellows, please click here.

To see a list of the 2007 CYnergy fellows, please click here.

If you are interested in becoming a fellow or would like to contribute financially, please call 747-7969 or email us at CCE@utep.edu

CYnergy Summer 2009 dates have been announced! - Monday, January 26, 2009
The Center for Civic Engagement is proud to announce that it will host the 3rd CYnergy Fellowship for progressive youth leaders this summer. The week long training leading to a year long fellowship will take place Sunday June 14th, 2009 through Saturday June 21st, 2009. This year, the CCE is looking for about 25-30 high school students who have the motivation to create and implement progressive change in their communities. Applications will be available soon! For more information please contact the CCE at 747-7969 or via email at cce@utep.edu

All across America the movement to mobilize, encourage, and inspire young leaders has taken the country by storm. The Center for Civic Engagement has joined this progressive force, in conjunction with Young People For, to bring a new wave of energy to El Paso through the CYnergy Fellowship.


    We envision a new generation of civic minded individuals, taking leadership roles in society, while addressing problems with effective solutions.


    To empower leaders of tomorrow through awareness, service-learning, and civic action, in order to create a synergy of social change.

Goals and Objectives

  • Bring to light issues affecting our community
  • Encourage youth engagement and action
  • Mobilize social change

  • Offered to incoming high school seniors demonstrating abilities in:
    • Social consciousness
    • Organizational skills
    • Progressive Leadership
    • Academic achievement
    • Ability to work with others 
    • Analytical reasoning.
  • Training takes place at the University of Texas at El Paso during the Summer where admitted fellows are provided with room and board at the Miner Village Residence Halls.

    The fellowship emphasizes the importance of civic awareness and action within the young adult population. For the purpose of a comprehensive program, the fellowship training is structured in a cohesive four-phased configuration. 
    • Power This phase focuses on empowering students in the realization of the strength and power they posses to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others. Through intensive leadership training, challenging Ropes Courses, and motivational speakers, students learn about themselves, their assets and their potential; this is the fundamental base for the subsequent phases.
    • Awareness During this phase, students undergo awareness exercises and activities, such as engaged dialogue with community leaders, to bring light to issues affecting our community. Such issues include, but not limited to, the border and colonias, low voter turn outs, empowerment zones and the environment. Students are instilled with social responsibility and civic awareness in order to ignite a desire for necessary and potential action.
    • Tools The tools and skills attained in this phase are those necessary for civic action. In addition to organizational and communication skills, students are trained in strategic planning, developing media plans, project marketing, presentation development, public speaking and asset development.
    • Action Students connect power, awareness and gained tools to begin the fourth and final phase of action. During this phase students engage in service-learning to then develop their own plan of action to be implemented in their respective schools.


    After the week-long program, students return to their high schools at the start of their senior year. Throughout the year, students meet with their designated school adviser to begin the development and implementation of their designed CYnergy project. Projects are completed by the end of March and an awards banquet is held in April where students present their completed projects.

  • The 2009 CYnergy Application is now available! To download the application, please click here!

    For questions or comments, please call us at 747-7969 or email us at cce@utep.edu