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Dr. Aaron A. Velasco

      Over his career, Aaron Velasco's research has spanned a variety of seismological subjects, including earthquake source modeling, seismotectonics, earthquake hazards, and nuclear treaty monitoring research (seismic event detection, location, and discrimination). He has also studied hydroacoustic wave propagation and explored military applications of seismology. Since arriving at the University of Texas at El Paso in January 2002, he has been able to expand his research goals and pursue projects that were inconceivable to him just a few years ago.
     Dr. Aaron Velasco's current projects include: investigating the global nature of dynamic triggering, merging results form controlled and passive sources, seismic hazard analyses through the study of historic and recent earthquakes in the Cape Mendocino, California; studying the earthquake rupture processes of the Great Kuril Doublets of 2006 and 2007; and studying regional wave propagations from mining explosions in eastern Arizona for nuclear explosion monitoring.  I continue to develop an active research program here at UTEP, and am seeking funding for the following projects: investigating the nature of volcanism in El Salvador, studying earthquake rupture processes of large earthquakes to understand the earthquake cycle; improving regional seismic detection, location, and discrimination; and studying the evolution of the Rio Grande Rift near El Paso, TX using both passive seismic data and geological investigations.

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