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Julia Lechuga    

Dr. Chris Meissner
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Ph.D., University of Texas at El Paso (2009)

Assistant Professor

Research Interests    

Dr. Lechuga's research explores the intersection of culture, cognition, and decision-making, with the ultimate goal of ameliorating ethnic health disparities. Her specific interests include investigating the factors that best predict the adoption of emerging health technologies in medically underserved ethnic minority communities, vehicles that foster informed decision making, and the role of eHealth technologies in curbing ethnic health disparities.
Sample Publications    

Lechuga, J., Owczarzak, J., & Petroll, A. (2013). Marketing the HIV test to MSM: Ethnic Differences in Preferred Venues and Sources. Health Promotion & Practice, 14, 433-440. PMID: 23091299
Lechuga, J. (2012). Need for effective HPV vaccine promotional messaging before sexual activity begins. Ethnicity & Disease, 22, 266. PMID: 22870567
Garcia, L. I., Lechuga, J., & Zea, M. C. (2012). Testing comprehensive models of disclosure of sexual orientation in HIV-positive Latino men who have sex with men (MSM). AIDS Care, 24, 1087-1091. PMID: 22690708
Lechuga, J., Swain, G. R., & Weinhardt, L. S. (2012). Perceived need of a parental decision-aid for the HPV Vaccine: Content and format preferences. Health Promotion & Practice, 13, 214-221. PMID: 21444922
Lechuga, J., Swain, G. R, & Weinhardt, L. S. (2011). The impact of framing on intentions to vaccinate daughters against HPV: A cross-cultural perspective. Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 42, 221-226. PMID: 21533624
Lechuga, J., Santos Maldonado, B., Garza-Caballero, A., & Villarreal, R. (2011). Holistic Reasoning on the Other Side of the World: Validation of the Analysis/Holism Scale in Mexicans. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, 17, 325-330. PMID: 21787065
Lechuga, J., Swain, G. R, & Weinhardt, L. S. (2011). The cross-cultural variation of predictors of HPV vaccination intentions. Journal of Women’s Health, 20, 225-230. PMID: 21314448

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