Center for Civic Engagement


About our Service-learning in Action Program

Service-learning is a way for students to learn academic content while serving their community. Through the Service-Learning in Action Model, service takes place in the form of direct service where students on average engage 20 hours per semester with a community organization.

The Service-learning in Action Program is a collection of programs and service-learning activities focused on community needs. Faculty members select the opportunities and programs that best fit course learning objectives and offer them as options for students to select from.

Students register for a training associated with the pre-approved program selection, and engage in their activity throughout the semester. Each program and activity may differ in focus, task, as well as requirements. Students should make sure that their program selection has been approved for their course.

During the semester, students are encouraged to complete self-reflection journaling while they are also required to complete a reflection assignment for their class. Additionally, the CCE offers an end-of semester Reflection Session for student participants from all classes to attend.

Successful Service-learners are awarded a Certificate of Achievement at the end of semester and are invited to provide feedback in connection to their experience and learning.