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When registering online via Goldmine you may encounter error messages. The most common error messages are listed below.
If you require additional registration assistance contact:

UTEP Help Desk
915/747-5257 (off campus)
Mon – Fri: 7 am – 8 pm & Sat 9AM – 1pm

Error Message

Error Descirption

Who to Contact/Action

6 Course Drop Limit Affected Notice to Faculty, Staff, & Students as to limit status.  Three (3) or less drops remaining will restrict students from registration. Registration & Records
Closed Section

The course is full and you need permission from the department in order to register

Department Offering Course
Class Restriction Course is restricted to a certain classification (i.e. junior status required) See transcript for current classification
College Restriction Course is reserved for a college other than the one you are currently assigned to            See Catalog for restrictions
Corq_course_XXXX req Course requires concurrent enrollment in another course Submit all CRNs in one transaction
Department Course requires approval from the department offering course Department Offering Course
Level Undergraduate students may take only undergraduate courses. Some seniors may be permitted to reserve courses for graduate credit. Refer to the undergraduate or graduate catalogs. Contact Graduate School for permissions at 915/747-5491
Link Error: XX Required

Course requires concurrent enrollment in a lecture, laboratory, and/or a recitation section.

Submit all CRNs in one transaction
Major Restriction Course is reserved for students in a certain majors Review catalog to see course restrictions. Department Offering Course
Preq & Test Score Error A course or placement test must have been successfully completed to gain access to course See Catalog for restrictions
Repeat Limit In most instances you may enroll in an undergraduate class a maximum of three times. You may not enroll in a course which a grade of “C” or higher has been previously earned.     Department Offering Course
Time Conflict with XXXXX Enrolling in two classes meeting at the same time is restricted.  Remove CRN causing time conflict
English/Spanish Taught Enrollment in courses taught in English/Spanish - Approval Required Department Offering Course
Dupl crse with sec-XXXXX

The CRN number already exists in the registration window

Delete duplicate CRN

Standard Course Meeting Times  

Summer 2017

Please note the following:

1.     Classes should use standard time blocks, as listed below, in order to maximize space resources on campus. 

2.     Afternoon lab course may be offered at times other than those indicated. 

3.     Only Upper Division and Graduate courses may meet once per week 

4.     Requests for alternate time periods must be submitted in advance to the Scheduling Office via a Request to Offer Course at Non-Standard Time and/or Off- Campus Form. 

Maymester Meeting Days & Times Military Time Conversion
MTWRF 8:00 am-1:00 pm 0800-1300
MTWRF 1:30 pm-6:30 pm 1330-1830
Summer I/II Meeting Days & Times
MTWRF 7:00 am-9:10 am 0700-0910
MTWRF 9:20 am-11:30 am 0920-1130
MTWRF 11:40 am-1:50 pm 1140-1350
MTWRF 2:00 pm-4:10 pm 1400-1610
MTWRF 4:20 pm-6:30 pm 1620-1830
MTWR 5:00 pm-7:30 pm 1700-1930
MTWR 5:30 pm-8:00 pm 1730-2000
MW or TR 5:00 pm-10:00 pm 1700-2200
Summer Long Meeting Days & Times
MTWRF 7:00 am-8:05 am 0700-0805
MTWRF 8:15 am-9:20 am  0815-0920
MTWRF 9:30 am-10:35 am 0930-1035
MTWRF 10:45 am-11:50 am 1045-1150
MTWRF 12:00 pm-1:05 pm 1200-1305
MTWRF 1:15 pm-2:20 pm 1315-1420
MTWRF 2:30 pm-3:35 pm 1430-1535
MTWRF 3:45 pm-4:50 pm 1545-1650
MW or TR 7:30 am-9:20 am 0730-0920
MW or TR 9:30 am-11:20 am 0930-1120
MW or TR 11:30 am-1:20 pm 1130-1320
MW or TR 1:30 pm-3:20 pm 1330-1520
MW or TR 3:30 pm-5:20 pm 1530-1720

Holidays and no class days for Summer 2017 include: Memorial Day (May 29th), Independence Day (July 4th).