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Ana I. Schwartz    

Dr. Ana Schwartz
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Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University (2003)

Associate Professor
Undergraduate Program Director

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Research Interests    

My research focuses on the cognitive nature of bilingual and multilingual language processing. I am particularly interested in the cognitive processes that underlie word identification in reading, and how these processes are influenced by the interactive activation of lexical information from a bi (multi)-lingual’s multiple languages. For example, I am currently conducting a series of experiments examining how Spanish-English bilinguals disambiguate and integrate words that have multiple and differing meanings across their two languages. These experiments also examine how bilinguals of different proficiency levels are able to capitalize on a linguistic context to aid in these processes of disambiguation and integration. Furthermore, I am interested in applying findings from my research program to educational settings.

Sample Publications    

Arêas da Luz Fontes, A.B. & Schwartz, A.I. (2014). Bilingual access of homonym meanings: Individual differences in bilingual access of homonym meanings. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition, DOI: 10.1017/S1366728914000509

Schwartz, A.I., Mendoza, L.E. & Meyer, B.J.F. (2013). The impact of text structure reading strategy instruction in a second language: Benefits across languages. The Journal of Language Learning DOI: 10.080/09571736.2013.837092

Arêas da Luz Fontes, A.B. & Schwartz, A.I. (2011). Working memory influences on cross-language activation during bilingual lexical disambiguation. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition, 14, 360-370.

Yeh, L., Schwartz, A. I. & Baule, A. (2011). The impact of text structure strategy instruction on the text recall and eye-movement patterns of second language English readers. Reading Psychology, 32, 495-519.

Arêas da Luz Fontes, A.B. & Schwartz, A.I. (2010). On a different plane: Cross-language effects on the conceptual representations of within-language homonyms. Language and Cognitive Processes, 25:4, 508-532.

Schwartz, A.I., & Arêas da Luz Fontes, A.B. (2008). Cross-language mediated priming: Effects of context and lexical relationship. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition, 11, 1-16.

Schwartz, A.I., Yeh, L., & Shaw, M.P. (2008). Lexical representation of second language words: Implications for second language vocabulary acquisition and use. The Journal of the Mental Lexicon, 3(3), 309-324.

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