University of Texas at El Paso
Psychology Department
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PATCH Lab (Cooper)

PROBAR Lab (Schwartz)

Judgment & Decision Making Lab (Morera)
Psychology Research Laboratories    

Behavioral Neuroscience Laboratory (Castañeda)

Behavioral Neuroscience Laboratory (Iñiguez)

Behavioral Pharmacology Laboratory (Serafine)

Bilingual Cognition Laboratory (Francis)
Bilingual memory and language processes

Child and Adult Suggestibility Laboratory (Wood)

Cognition and Aging Laboratory (Bangert)

Dark Triad and Corporate Crime (D3CC) Laboratory (Jones)

Department Computer Laboratory

Health Behavior Research Consortium (Field)

Health and Judgment and Decision Making Laboratory (Morera)

Language and Communication Laboratory (Ivanova)

Neural Basis of Addiction Laboratory (O'Dell)

Personality, Emotion, Attitudes, and Social Psychology (PEAS) Laboratory (Fetterman)

Prevention and Treatment in Clinical Health (PATCH) Laboratory (Cooper)
Disease prevention and health promotion including tobacco use, sedentary behavior, diet, food intake, and cancer prevention

Psycholinguistic Research on Bilingualism and Reading (PROBAR) Laboratory (Schwartz)
Bilingual language processing, reading, literacy development, eye-tracking

Social Cognition Laboratory (Zárate)

Social Neuroscience Laboratory (Crites)

Tertiary Prevention in Behavioral Medicine Laboratory (Wiebe)

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Neural Basis of Addiction Lab (O'Dell)

Bilingual Cognition Lab (Francis)

Social Neuroscience Lab (Crites)

Social Cognition Lab (Zárate)

      Child & Adult Suggestibility Lab (Wood)