Details and Requirements

Standard Clerkship
The LSPI connects current first year and second year law students with a limited number of summer clerkship positions with judges, public interest attorneys, or government entities.  Clerkships are for a six-week period during the summer. Clerks will work 40 hours per week, and the Center will pay a one time stipend of $2,500 for each successfully completed clerkship, to the extent funding permits.

Patricia and Paul Yetter Clerkships

Patricia and Paul Yetter Summer Clerkships

Each summer four Patricia and Paul Yetter competitive clerkships will be offered. These clerkships are funded by a generous gift from Patricia and Paul Yetter, who have been strong supporters of LSPI programs for several years.  Recipients of these clerkships will work at public or nonprofit law offices or courts, and will be designated Patricia and Paul Yetter Clerks.

Two Patricia and Paul Yetter Clerks will work at least 240 hours during the summer at the selected office or court and assist with the eight-week research and writing portion of the LSPI Summer College Program.  Each Patricia and Paul Yetter Clerk will be provided with a $4,500 stipend.  Patricia and Paul Yetter Clerks are selected from the general pool of clerkship applicants based on quality of academic record, writing skill and professional promise.

Two Patricia and Paul Yetter Clerk/Instructor positions will be offered.  In addition to the requirements of the Patricia and Paul Yetter Clerkships noted above, Clerk/Instructor selectees will have teaching duties in the three-week LSPI Summer High School Law Camp.  Each Patricia and Paul Yetter Clerk/Instructor will receive a stipend of $4,000.  Patricia and Paul Yetter Clerks are selected from the general pool of clerkship applicants based on quality of academic record, teaching skill and professional promise.

Selection Criteria

To be considered for the summer clerkship program, current first and second year law students at ABA-accredited law schools must submit a completed application.  Additionally, clerkship applicants must be in good academic standing in law school.  Selection will be based on all materials in the application taking into account placement office needs, number of positions available, and budget constraints.  Priority will be given to LSPI graduates.  Placement will be determined by the Center in consultation with the clerkship supervisors.

Because we recognize that demand for clerkship positions locally exceeds the number of stipend positions available, the LSPI will make additional efforts on behalf of unplaced LSPI graduates to match qualified first and second year law students with local placement offices.  Although we cannot guarantee any position, we encourage you to indicate on the application your willingness to accept a volunteer position in the event that you are not offered a stipend position.

We encourage you to seek funding through other sources and/or externship credit through your law school.  In the past, students have secured fellowships or stipends through their law schools and we have helped place them in local clerkships to qualify for such funding.  We have also connected students with placements that have been able to fulfill law school externship requirements for law school credit, which helps reduce course loads during the academic year in addition to providing valuable hands-on legal clerkship experience.

For additional information contact the Law School Preparation Institute at 915-747-8866 or e-mail the LSPI.

Last updated: December 2016

Summer 2017 Clerkship Application

The LSPI is not currently accepting applications.

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