Minor in Translation and Interpreting Studies

The Minor in Translation and Interpreting Studies (Spanish-English only) is designed to complement any academic major and to provide qualified students with the opportunity to acquire skills and experience in translation and interpreting. It may be taken as a minor to satisfy the BA degree requirements of the College of Liberal Arts. Students with this minor will receive instruction in the theory and practice of translation, to include text analysis, effective and systematic utilization of available resource materials, including parallel texts, and working in teams. If students opt to take interpreting classes, they will be introduced to the basic concepts of consecutive and simultaneous interpreting.

The Minor in Translation and Interpreting Studies prepares students to go on to pursue advanced degrees in the fields. The pursuit of bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees in translation and interpreting has become necessary for future practitioners, researchers, and teachers to be able to compete in a rapidly growing and changing discipline. UTEP provides students with a competitive edge in comparison with other programs of its type in that it offers experience in theory and practice, including research methods, as a basis for future studies.

The Minor in Translation and Interpreting Studies also helps students to enter the workforce after graduation: successful completion of the minor demonstrates the development of effective bilingual writing skills, and helps students to advance in almost any career in today's globalized world.