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Building Demolition at Mariscal Street in Downtown Juárez
Demolition of Buildings at Mariscal Street in Downtown Juárez (Photograph by El Diario de Juárez)
Public Spaces    

The Public Spaces section highlights the public spaces of the border region with historical importance in the El Paso/Ciudad Juárez area which is seen, heard, read and most importantly, interpreted by a public audience. The history that is public spaces belongs to the community and visitors and should be easily accessible and accurately representative of the community in which it resides. Border Public History will emphasize the shared and communal historical presentations of the people of this border region.

The evolving diverse presentations of cultures within a community should be acknowledged and validated through museums, exhibitions, statues, public art and historical preservation. Through representation, power is given to these groups and validates their past as well as their place in the present and future. This portion of Border Public History will provide information on these public spaces and place them in context as to how they serve the community. 

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