Minor in Legal Reasoning

I.    Core Courses (12 hours from the following):

POLS 4322 Legal Reasoning (3-0)  [Phase I]
An examination of the method of reasoning about legal problems which arose out of the common law tradition.  A core area of the common law (torts, criminal law, contracts, or property) will be explored in depth through the reading and analysis of case law.  The techniques of reasoning in cases will be applied to hypothetical and new case materials. Prerequisites: POLS 2310 (w/D or better) and POLS 3211 (w/D or better).


POLS 3322 Law and Society (3-0)
An examination of the legal-judicial arrangements in the Western world and particularly the United States, with emphasis on the interaction of legal systems with society.  Prerequisites: POLS 2310 (w/D or better) and POLS 2311 (w/D or better).

POLS 4325 Special Topics in Law & Politics (3-0)  [Phase I]
A special listing for courses in the field of Law and Politics offered by the departmental faculty that are outside the purview of the above courses.  Prerequisites: POLS 2310 (w/C or better) and POLS 2311 (w/C or better).


POLS 3340 Western Political Heritage I (3-0)
A study of the ideas of the major political philosophers from the ancient and medieval periods.  Prerequisites: POLS 2310 (w/D or better) and POLS 2311 (w/D or better).

RWS 3365 Advanced Composition & Rhetoric I (3-0)
Study of classical and contemporary rhetorical theory with emphasis upon contemporary discourse; practice in techniques of invention, organization, and style as applied to written composition.  Prerequisite: ENGL 1312 (w/C or better) or ENGL 1313 (w/C or better) or ESOL 1312 (w/C or better).


RWS 3366 Advanced Composition & Rhetoric II (3-0)
This course is concerned with the development of argumentative writing by examining contemporary issues and ethical questions.  The course will be project-based, will include collaborative work, and will emphasize stylistics.  Prerequisite: ENGL 1312 (w/C or better) or ENGL 1313 (w/C or better) or ESOL 1312 (w/C or better).

II.   Electives* (6 hours from the following courses):

BLAW 3301 Legal Environment of Business (3-0)
A study of the legal and ethical environment of business to provide a legal foundation for careers in business or government.  BLAW 3301 or BLAW 5306, but not both, may be counted toward degrees awarded in the College of Business Administration.

BLAW 4325 International Business Law (3-0)
Legal environments in which international business operates; litigation and arbitration of international disputes; transfer of capital and technology regulations; impact of antitrust and taxation laws on international business transactions; legal structure and powers of overseas business organizations; patent, trademarks, and copyright aspects of international business transactions.  Prerequisite: BLAW 3301 (w/D or better).

CRIJ 4311 Immigration Law and Administration (3-0)
An examination of federal regulations pertaining to legal and illegal immigration into the United States.  Among the topics discussed are legalization, employer sanctions, amnesty, and constitutional rights of immigrants.

RWS 3359 Technical Writing (3-0)
A professionally-oriented communication course centered on assembling, organizing, drafting, and revising technical information for generating written documents and oral reports.  Prerequisite: ENGL 1312 (w/C or better) or ENGL 1313 (w/C or better) or ESOL 1312 (w/C or better).    

HIST 3310 American Legal History (3-0)
Study of the growth of American law from colonial times to the present.  Particular emphasis on the operation of the law in a broad social context.  Strongly recommended for Pre-Law students.

PHIL 3305 Philosophy of Law (3-0)
Analyzes legal issues, theories, and case studies within the framework of Western ethical, social, and political philosophies and the history of jurisprudence.  Topics include the origins of law, the relations of law, custom, and ritual, the question of legal “rights”, justice, authority and sovereignty, responsibilities and obligations, property rights and distributive justice, pacifism, and civil disobedience.  Prerequisite: PHIL 1301 (w/C or better) or PHIL 2306 (w/C or better) or PHIL 1304 (w/C or better).

POLS 3362 International Law and Politics (3-0)
A course that explores the intersection of international law and international politics. Particular attention will be paid to international legal philosophies and the development of international law over time.  Prerequisites: POLS 2310 (w/C or better) and POLS 2311 (w/C or better).

PSYC 3315 Psychology and the Law (3-0)
A review of the relationship of psychology to the criminal justice system.  Topics may include an examination of the premises of criminal responsibility, psychological testimony in court, and psychological evaluation and management of public offenders, including juveniles and prison populations.  Prerequisite: PSYC 1301 (w/D or better).

*  With approval of departmental or program advisors, appropriate special topics courses from any department or program may satisfy an Elective Course requirement.

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