The TEKSWatch website and information service operated during 2009 and 2010 to educate Texans—and Americans—about the process of revising the state’s history and social studies standards, known as the Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills (TEKS). The site began as a list of reference links for Dr. Erekson’s students in the teacher education program, grew into a volunteer organization run by some of those students, and is now archived online for researchers.

The archived website provides an extensive cache of everything related to the revision process:

  • Drafts of proposed changes to the standards, agendas and video of state board of education meetings, and quick updates on unfolding developments
  • An accessible and downloadable guide to the revision process
  • An overview of the process, information about the participants (both formal and otherwise), and answers to frequently asked questions
  • Help setting this debate within the broader context of state and national educational reform
  • Coverage, commentary, and humor from state, national, and international media
  • Opportunities for citizens to get involved, instructional materials designed to inform and engage students
  • A special Spanish-language portal, press release, and translated resources

The information update service is also archived online and its updates and press releases were sent to a mailing list of over 900 historians, 300 concerned citizens, and 200 media outlets.


“a fairly even-handed look at the facts and the background”

Education Week, 5/19/2010


“the latest developments on the Texas history curriculum”

– National Council for History Education, 4/29/2010


“a treasure trove of information”

– H-Texas listserv, 9/17/2009



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