Dr. Natalicio and Graduating student


All College of Liberal Arts students must attend a Graduation Clearance Workshop in order to graduate.

Workshops are offered regularly on these dates:

  • Fall Semester: June 1st to the Official UTEP Graduation Deadline
  • Spring Semester: October 1st to the Official UTEP Graduation Deadline
  • Summer Semester: March 1st thru the Official UTEP Graduation Deadline

Students can register for the Workshop by visiting the Dean's Office, Liberal Arts Room 343.

Students can attend a Clearance Workshop after the official UTEP Graduation Deadline, HOWEVER, the student will be assessed a late fee, and the student’s name will not appear in the Commencement Program or Pre-Commencement Program. Please check the Academic Calendar Archive.


(accompanied with your degree application) at the Student Business Services Office, in the Academic Services Building. Candidates who did not fulfill their graduation requirements, must reapply and pay the following semester.

Diploma Application Fee

  • $30 if paid by the set deadline. (There is an initial deadline set each semester.)
  • $45 if paid after the initial deadline through the last day of finals

After final grades are submitted, the deans will begin the final audit of your records to ensure you have met the requirements for your degree. The Registration and Records Office will receive confirmation of graduates from the deans in approximately six weeks. Immediately thereafter,diplomas and transcripts (with degrees posted) will be issued.

If you have any outstanding financial debts with the university, you will need to clear them before a diploma or transcript can be released. To check on your balance, please contact the Student Business Services Office at 747-5116 or 747-5105

To congratulate you on completing your degree, a complimentary official UTEP transcript showing the degree you were awarded will be available through the Records Office. If you want to order additional transcripts, you may do so by visiting this web site

For further Information about the degree conferral process, diplomas, or commencement ceremonies, please contact the Registration and Records Office, located in the Academic Services Building. The office telephone is (915) 747-5544, or email: Additional commencement information is provided by the University Relations Office.

Bachelor's Degree Checklist

  • Complete the University Core Curriculum (42 semester credit hours).
  • Complete the Liberal Arts General Education Requirements (24-27 semester credit hours-Block Electives plus Languages).
  • Complete the requirements of the Major, Minor and, if applicable, the second Major or Minor.
    Students must follow the Graduation Needs List and CAPP. Visit the Liberal Arts Dean's Office to request an official Degree Plan at 60 hours and the Needs List at 90 hours. Only the Dean's Office may officially clear a student for graduation.
  • If applicable to degree plan, complete free electives, as needed, to accumulate the minimum required hours for the degree.
  • Complete at least 45 hours at the advanced (3000-4000) level. (Criminal Justice majors require 54 hours at the advanced level).
  • Complete 24 of the last 30 hours in residence.
  • Maintain at least a 2.0 (C) average: in all courses in the University Core, overall GPA, Major GPA, and Minor GPA
  • Resolve any Incomplete Grade (I) or No Grade (N) assigned. The course instructor must submit a “Change of Grade” form with definitive grades recorded to the Records Office by the end of the semester of the student’s anticipated graduation.
  • Attend a mandatory Graduation Clearance Workshop. Sign-up sheets are located in the Dean's Office, Room 343.

Graduate Students

Graduate degree candidates have additional deadlines for submission of theses, dissertations and research papers, and for certification of or master's degree final examinations to the Graduate Student Services Office. Refer to the Graduate School for more information.

Graduate Degree Application Procedure Graduate degree candidates should submit the Graduate Advisor Approved form to the Graduate School two weeks prior to the published date for a complete review of the academic record. Forms received after that date are not guaranteed to be approved prior to the late fee deadline.

For further Information about the degree conferral process, issuance of diplomas, or the commencement ceremonies, please contact the Registration and Records Office, located in the Academic Services Building. The office telephone is (915) 747-5544, or email: