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New Herbert and Harriet Rolph Endowed Scholarship for the Department of History

CAPT. (Ret) John William Rolph (’78) and College of Liberal Arts 2008 Gold Nugget, recently established the Herbert and Harriet Rolph Endowed Scholarship for the Department of History. CAPT (Ret) Rolph states, “I created the Herbert and Harriet Rolph scholarship for two simple yet compelling reasons: to give back a tiny fraction of all that UTEP has given to me, and to honor two individuals who struggled hard to provide as much as they possibly could to each of their 9 children —my wonderful parents Herbert and Harriet Rolph. It is my hope that the scholarship created in their name/honor will allow those less fortunate than myself to have the door to higher education pushed open a little wider for them, and my greatest ambition is to be able to give much more to UTEP in the future for that very same purpose.” On behalf of the many UTEP students your endowed scholarship will serve in the future, THANK YOU CAPT ROLPH!!!

CAPT (Ret) John W. Rolph flanked by Dean Howard C. Dausdistel and Dr. Paul Edison, Department of History Chair.

CAPT (Ret) John W. Rolph flanked by Dean Howard C. Daudistel and Dr. Paul Edison, Department of History Chair.

Why to donate to Liberal Arts?

The College of Liberal Arts is at the forefront of preparing UTEP students to be creative thinkers and problem-solvers ready to face the challenges of a rapidly changing and highly competitive global society. Applying the classical elements of a vibrant liberal education to become learned members of our world, College of Liberal Arts graduates are leaders in law, education, science, the arts, media, healthcare, business and government.

By its very nature, the College of Liberal Arts offers a dynamic environment that engages the creativity, resourcefulness and imagination of its students and faculty. The College has a broad range of undergraduate and graduate degree programs in art, communication, creative writing, criminal justice, English, history, language, linguistics, music, philosophy, political science, psychology, sociology, and anthropology. The College also offers a rich number of interdisciplinary minor programs such as African American Studies, Asian Studies, Chicano Studies, Humanities, Inter-American Jewish Studies, Latin American Studies and Border Studies, Religious Studies, Military Studies, Women’s Studies, and Translation and Interpretation. Additionally, students who want to become secondary school teachers can major in a variety of liberal arts disciplines and work with College of Liberal Arts and College of Education faculty to qualify as state-certified high school teachers.

The College of Liberal Arts seeks funding to provide endowed scholarships and annual scholarships in all its areas of discipline. In addition, funding is needed to endow student internship programs and field placements and to increase the number of public lectures in the arts, humanities, English, social and behavioral sciences, and creative writing.

Because of this diverse range of majors and concentrations, the College of Liberal Arts has a strong, creative and successful corps of alumni who identify with the challenges of today’s UTEP students. Listing the funding needs provides these alumni with additional opportunities to make a lasting impact on the UTEP, its students and the El Paso community.

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