Department of Music Auditions

  • Monday, February 5, 2018 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
  • Saturday, February 10, 2018 from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  • Students should check-in at the Fox Fine Arts Music Building first floor.
  • It is recommended to arrive at least 15 minutes early.
Auditions are for acceptance into the program and for scholarship consideration.

All applicants for Department of Music Scholarships need to be accepted to the university and have completed their scholarship application prior to being awarded funds. It is additionally suggested that students apply for financial aid. It is suggested that students complete their application to the university and scholarship application prior to auditioning, however, representatives from Office of Admissions and the Scholarship Office will be at the audition to help students begin this process.

Scholarship Application Information application for all Texas schools UTEP Scholarship Office website

UTEP Office of Admissions
Mike Loya Academic Services Building, Room 102

Steps to Admission

To be considered for admission as an incoming Freshman, we will need Admission Application, High School Transcript and Applicable Test Scores.
  1. Apply: This can be done online or by printing out and mailing the application by visiting the link for the Office of Admissions listed above.
  2. Send us your High School Transcripts with your application. We will also need your final High School transcript upon graduation
  3. We will need test scores from either the SAT, ACT, TOEFL or PAA depending on your educational background. The University does offer an institutional version of the ACT that will count toward your admission to UTEP. When you register for these tests, select UTEP as a school to receive your scores. Our code number is 6829
  4. Once the application process is complete, a letter of decision will be mailed to you. If you have further questions, one of our Admissions Counselors will be more than happy to talk with you. Call us at 1-877-74MINER or e-mail us at
Financial Aid Application: 

Please visit Prospective Student Information to schedule a time for your scholarship audition!

AUDITION REQUIREMENTS for each instrumental/voice area


  • One major or minor three octave scale and corresponding arpeggio sequence
  • One slow piece or movement from a work
  • One contrasting fast piece or movement from a work
  • Possible sight-reading
For more detailed information on string auditions, please contact Dr. Stephanie Meyers at 915-747-7810 or


  • One song, preferably from Classical art song repertory, memorized. An accompanist will be provided.
For more detailed information on vocal auditions, please contact Dr. Elisa Fraser Wilson, Voice Area Coordinator, at


  • Major and harmonic minor scales, two octaves, hands together
  • Sight reading
  • Three contrasting pieces from memory
  • Selections should demonstrate technique and expressiveness
  • Selections should represent a variety of historical and stylistic periods
    • Suggested composers:
      • Technique—
        • Burgmüller, Johann Friederich
        • Czerny, Carl
        • Heller, Stephen
      • Baroque Era—
        • Bach, Johann Sebastian
        • Couperin, François
        • Handel, George Frideric
        • Rameau, Jean-Philippe
      • Classical Era—
        • Clementi, Muzio
        • Clementi, Diabelli or Kuhlau
        • Haydn, Franz Joseph
        • Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
      • Romantic Era—
        • Beethoven, Ludwig van
        • Brahms, Johannes
        • Chopin, Frédéric
        • Mendelssohn, Felix
        • Schubert, Franz
        • Schumann, Robert
      • Impressionistic and Contemporary Era—
        • Bartók, Béla
        • Debussy, Claude
        • Ginastera, Alberto
        • Kabalevsky, Dmitri
        • Tcherepnin, Ivan
For more detailed information piano auditions, please contact Dr. Dena Kay Jones at 915-747-6625 or


  • 2 octave major scales
  • Major, minor, and dominant 7th bar chords
  • Two contrasting pieces (Class I UIL solo preferred)
  • Sight reading
For more detailed information on guitar auditions, please contact Shaun Mahoney at 915-747-6627 or

Woodwind, Brass, and Percussion

  • All-Region etudes or a Class I UIL solo or equivalent (accompanist preferred but not required).
  • Scales and sight-reading may be requested.

Additional requirements for PERCUSSION:

Acceptance as a music major into the UTEP percussion program requires an entrance audition and interview with percussion faculty in addition to the application and acceptance into the University and Dept. of Music. For successful entrance into the program, candidates will need to perform an exemplary and versatile audition to include the repertory examples listed below. *The repertory examples listed represent a minimum difficulty level.

Audition requirements

One selection each from the list below; sight-reading on mallet-keyboards (2-mallets) and snare drum; sight-reading on drum-set if candidate selects drum-set for the additional area as listed below.


Symphonic snare drum etude selected from Cirone, Anthony, Portraits in Rhythm; Delécluse, Jacques, Douze Études; Aleo, Keith, Advanced Etudes for Snare Drum or equivalent.

Mallet keyboard -- One Solo Selection (Two or four mallets)
  • 2–mallet solo or transcription selected from:
    • Gottlieb, Beth, Masterworks for Marimba; Creston, Paul, Concertino for Marimba (Mvt. I or II), Kreisler, Fritz, Tambourin Chinois or equivalent. 
  • 4–mallet solo or transcription:
    • Examples include solo compositions by: Rich O’Meara, Keiko Abe, Michael Burrit, Julie Davila, or equivalent. 
  • All Major scales, 2 octaves, any format

    A solo performance in at least one additional major percussion area

    • Timpani 
    • Drum-set (classic jazz transcription or play-along chart)  
    • Jazz Vibraphone 
    • Additional mallet keyboard solo (marimba or classical vibes)  
    • Afro-Cuban or Brazilian percussion (an in-depth knowledge must be demonstrated) through a representative transcription or etude such as one from the following:
      • Spiro, Michael and Coletti, Michael, The Language of the Masters

    Incoming freshmen or new students into the program must audition for Director of Percussion Studies, Dr. Andy P. Smith. *Due to the large number of currently enrolled percussion majors at UTEP, competitive applicants must successfully be accepted directly into MUSA 1195 lower level individual instruction. The Department is not accepting MUSA 1290 (open enrollment) students at this time.

    Please contact Dr. Andy P. Smith, Director of Percussion Studies with any specific questions, and to inquire about a free lesson. Dr. Smith offers one free lesson to any student considering Percussion Studies at UTEP.  Contact Dr. Smith at 915-747-7802 or

    For more detailed information on woodwind, brass, and percussion auditions, please contact Nancy Taylor at 915-747-7799 or

    Call the music office at (915) 747-5606 for more information.