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The Bachelor of Multidisciplinary Studies (BMS) degree gives students an opportunity to pursue a broad, interdisciplinary studies curriculum rather than having to follow a perspective specialized major. As an individualized program of study, the BMS emphasizes a wide-ranging learning experience and a more expanded perspective than that provided by traditional undergraduate majors. Students focus on an interdisciplinary theme, period, set of problems, specialization, or perception not currently available through established majors and minors.

The BMS degree encourages students to select courses from the entire University course inventory, tailoring their study to their own personal and professional interests and needs. The degree provides students a fundamental knowledge of skills necessary to competently express themselves, think creatively, solve problems, and understand the nature and function of people and the environment.

The multidisciplinary degree plans and areas of concentration developed by students and their advisors are reviewed by a program review committee composed of academic faculty and a University College representative.

Admissions Requirements

  • New, transfer, and returning students can declare their intention to work toward a BMS degree if they meet UTEP’s admission requirements.
  • All students admitted into the BMS program are required to meet each semester  with a BMS advisor to select their concentrations and electives.

Bachelor of Multidisciplinary Studies Degree Requirements

The Bachelor of Multidisciplinary Studies degree requires a minimum of 120 semester hours, including at least 45 hours at the advanced or upper-division (junior and senior) level. In addition to completing the 42 semester hour University Core Curriculum, each student defines, in consultation with a BMS advisor, three areas of concentration totaling 45 semester hours, including a minimum of 27 hours of advanced work. Each area of concentration is composed of 15 hours, nine (9) hours of which must be advanced. The goal of the concentration is to give students an interdisciplinary foundation that satisfies individual educational and professional goals while maintaining academic rigor and integrity. Thirty-three hours of electives, 18 of which must be advanced, bring the degree total to a minimum 120 semester hours.

In addition to completing organized courses, we recommend that students complete a capstone experience that integrates the multidisciplinary coursework: a course with a service-learning component, a professional internship experience related to their concentration, or an independent research project. This involvement combines academic classroom-based activities with practical and/or research experience.


Degree Plans


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