LSPI College Program Applications


The Patricia and Paul Yetter Law School Preparation Institute’s summer college-level program is for UTEP undergraduate students who have not already received a bachelor’s degree and who plan to graduate from UTEP.

Please submit the appropriate application as determined by the eligibility requirements.  Visit the LSPI College Program page for more information about the college summer programs.


  • Eligible applicants are UTEP undergraduate students with at least 12 credits earned from UTEP and a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Phase I only (June 12-July 7):  Apply if you have at least two summers left before you graduate.
  • Phase I and II (June 12-August 4):  Apply if you have only one summer left before you graduate.
  • To advance from Phase I to Phase II, even in the same summer, students must successfully complete Phase I, as determined by LSPI faculty.
New Student Application

The LSPI is not currently accepting applications.

  • Eligible applicants are returning LSPI students who have successfully completed Phase I in a previous summer, as determined by LSPI faculty, and have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.
Returning Student Application

The LSPI is not currently accepting applications.

Last updated: December 2016
Questions? Contact Rachel Serrano at
The LSPI extends across two phases with an academic year sandwiched in between.  Phase I is held in June of each year and Phase II in July.  While some students take both phases in the same summer, it is advisable to apply to the LSPI early in your undergraduate career so you can get the full benefit of the Institute across two summers and two academic years.

Admissions Process:

Admission to the Law School Preparation Institute is competitive andundertaken through a committee process.   

Each member of the committee makes an independentjudgment concerning each applicant and the committee then meets todiscuss each applicant's record and to reach consensus about admissionsdecisions.

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