Greetings from the Department Chair

Welcome to the UTEP Department of Music. 

We offer outstanding undergraduate degrees in Music Education, Performance, Theory/Composition and Commercial Music.  Our graduate program offers degrees in Music Education and Music Performance with additional emphases in conducting, composition, and theory. 

As an Alum of the department, I am proud to say we provide a high-quality education with a world-class faculty.  While located in the far southwest tip of the state of Texas, our faculty and students are visible across the country and around the world in major conferences, performance venues, and leading academic journals.  

UTEP is located in El Paso at the Western tip of the state. In fact, we are in a different time zone than the rest of the state. With our Mexican sister city Juarez, whose population is 1.8 million, these two cities combine to form the largest bi-national metropolitan area in the world. The cost of living is very reasonable, as is the cost of your education.

For information on our program, please browse through our website, write, or call us.  We are always happy to hear from you and look forward to helping future miners get started on their path to success.

Dr. Steve Wilson
Chair, Department of Music


The Department of Music will provide academic programs and performance opportunities of the highest quality, producing outstanding musicians entering careers in music education, industry or performance who can exceed expectations in a challenging and changing environment.


Produce excellence in music and its professions through opportunities for artistic expression, educational growth and high academic and artistic standards.

Provide an enriched environment that supports musical participation, enjoyment and study.

Build solid foundations for students seeking careers in music education, performance, or composition.

Create an environment for continued development of teachers and music performers.

Strengthen and support the music professions, including music education, music theater, performance, composition, research, and all activities that foster intellectual innovative and artistic growth.