Bachelor's of Music in Performance

The Bachelor of Music degree with a major in performance may be pursued in orchestra or band instruments, keyboard instruments, voice, classical guitar or jazz guitar. This degree is intended to prepare for college teaching. If the student's intention is to seek a college teaching position, he or she should anticipate graduate study in the same area and in a closely related area as well. Therefore, entrance requirements and related teaching area for graduate school should be carefully considered.

Since most graduate degrees require one or more languages, it is advisable for the student to include a foreign language as an elective course of study for the Bachelor of Music degree. In addition to an applied area, it is also advisable to seek out an academic teaching area such as theory or music history. Private or college instrumental teachers usually find great value in knowledge of all instruments in their general area. For example, a clarinet major needs to know all the woodwind instruments. The degree in Performance should be considered only by outstanding soloists, because of the limited opportunities for such professional employment.

Degree plans - Performance Majors

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These degree plans include a four-year course sequence. Current students using older degree plans should consult with Dr. Leinberger.