Non-Music Major


An official minor in music is only possible in the Bachelor of Arts degree in the College of Liberal Arts. If your major is in another College at UTEP, you should consult with that college about what courses can count toward your degree. You can take any courses you want as free electives, but they may or may not count in your degree plan.

All UTEP students are encouraged to participate in the Music Department’s performing groups as well as take any classes they wish. Many classes have audition or placement requirements as well as prerequisites. You should consult with the music department advisor.

Some courses are open to all students.
Courses intended to fill the University Core Fine and Performing Arts Requirements include:

MUSL 1324 Music Appreciation - focus is on classical styles in western Europe and the Americas
MUSL 1327 Jazz to Rock - focus is on United States jazz and early rock

Courses intended to fill the Liberal Arts upper level fine arts requirement (can be taken by any student who is junior level or above)
MUSL 3327 History of Jazz - covers the topic in more detail, but has no prerequisites
MUSL 3326 Social History of rock - covers rock with emphasis on the music and social context
MUSL 3329 Music in History and Culture- a rotating topics course for upper level non-music students
Music Ensembles open to all (you must already play an instrument for the bands and orchestra)
Marching Band - fall MUSA 1241 (lower level students) or 3241 (upper level students)
Symphonic Band- spring MUSA 1141 (lower level students) or 3141 (upper level students)
Men's Glee Club MUSA 1151 (lower level students) or 3151 (upper level students) where teacher is McMillan
Women's Glee Club MUSA 1151 (lower level students) or 3151 (upper level students) where teacher is Wilson
Orchestra (string players) MUSA 1261 or 3261

Start an instrument from scratch These classes assume no music background
MUSA 1280 Beginning Guitar (you must provide your own guitar)
MUSA 1273 Voice Class
MUSA 1269 Piano A