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The Music Library/Computer Lab is located on the fourth floor of the Fox Fine Arts Center, between the music wing and the art and drama wings. In this library is the department's audio-visual collection; it is indexed on computers found there.  There is also a small reference book collection and a collection of sheet music. Recordings, both audio and video, of Department of Music presentations are also shelved here. Listening lists and other items placed on reserve for music major classes will be found in the Music Library. Students are encouraged to use the Music Library as a study area between classes.

The Music Department computer lab includes music sequencing, music notation, and ear-training drill software, as well as standard word processing software.

The Music Library's catalog is available at The main collection of music reference materials and circulating book collection is in the UTEP University Library. The main library's catalog is available at

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Digital Keyboard Lab

Digital Keyboard Lab
Digital Keyboard Lab
Digital Keyboard Lab
Technology is a priority within The University of Texas at El Paso Department of Music. The Digital Keyboard Lab (DKL) houses state-of-the-art digital pianos, an observation room for interactive teaching methodologies, a piano pedagogy library, and the latest in computer, sound and video equipment, including: Smartboard technology and various teaching aid software.

With a generous gift of $250,000, the Brown Foundation, Inc. has historically made one of the largest, single donations to the UTEP Department of Music and which made this renovation project possible. Founded in July 1951 by Herman and Margaret Root Brown and George R. and Alice Pratt Brown, it has awarded more than $1.35 billion in grants since its inception. The purpose of The Brown Foundation, Inc. is to distribute funds for public, charitable purposes, principally for support, encouragement and assistance to education, the arts and community service. The visual and performing arts remain a principal area of interest, and the Foundation also supports community service projects which serve the needs of children and families. UTEP thanks The Brown Foundation, Inc. for its generous gift and support, allowing the Department of Music to offer UTEP students and the El Paso community outstanding education in the digital keyboard and piano pedagogy realms.

Commercial Music Facilities

Commercial Recording Studio
UTEP’s Commercial Recording Studio
Music Technology Lab
UTEP’s Music Technology Lab
FFA Recording Booth
Fox Fine Arts Recital Hall Recording Booth

UTEP’s Commercial Recording Studio on the Fourth Floor of the Fox Fine Arts Building

This studio is a full multi-track digital studio utilizing Pro Tools software running on a Mac Pro computer, Toft Audio console, RME analog to digital converters, and ATC monitors.

UTEP’s Music Technology Lab

UTEP’s music technology lab is for the use of our students and provides a state-of-the-art platform for music production, notation, composition, editing and recording.

Workstations in the music technology lab consist of a keyboard, digital interface for audio and MIDI, multi-core Windows or Macintosh computer, LCD monitor, headphones and software. Software used includes Pro Tools, Sonar, Native Instruments, Sony Creative and others. Each workstation holds a library of over 40GB of high quality instrument samples.

UTEP’s Recording Studio in the Fox Fine Arts Recital Hall

This studio is a full multi-track digital studio utilizing Sony SoundForge and Pro Tools software running on a Windows multi-core computer, Toft Audio console, RME analog to digital converters, and ATC monitors. This studio is optimized for live event recording.

Some of the UTEP Department of Music Microphones

UTEP maintains a selection of top quality microphones from Neumann, AKG, Sennheiser, Electrovoice, Beyer and Shure. These are industry standard microphones used in top recording studios the world over.

Performance Facilities

Many departmental performances take place in the 485-seat Fox Fine Arts Recital Hall. These include all major ensemble performances, faculty recitals, guest artist recitals, and student recitals. The Recital Hall features two recently-rebuilt grand pianos, a Steinway and a Bösendorfer.

Some performances, including the annual Department of Music Gala, take place in the 1,200-seat Magoffin Auditorium.

The Marching Miner Regiment performs in the 30,000-seat Sun Bowl Stadium during football season for all home games.

The Miner Basketball Pep Band performs in the 12,000-seat Don Haskins Center for home basketball games.