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State of Texas Requirements

There are several pathways for admission for students who wish to attend The University of Texas at El Paso. All pathways require applicants to have successfully completed the curriculum requirements for the Texas Recommended or Advanced High School Program (defined in the state’s Uniform Admission Policy -Texas Education Code §§51.803-51.809) or its equivalent as determined by the Certification of Course Completion Equivalent to Recommended High School Program Form (RCCF form) submitted by your school.

Pathways for Admission:

1. Top 10% StudentsRead More

You will be considered for admission if you graduated from a Texas high school in the top 10% of your class and submit all required documents to include test scores.

2. High School Rank and Test ScoresRead More

You will be considered for admission if you graduated from a Texas high school or an out-of-state high school and you meet one of the criteria listed below:

  High School
Rank in Class


Minimum SAT Combined
(Verbal + Math)


Minimum ACT Composite Score


Top 25%


No minimum, but scores must be submitted


Second 25%






Third 25%






Fourth 25%






No HS Rank, GED, Unaccredited HS, or Home School Program





3. Submit Accuplacer Exam ScoresRead More

Graduates of public high schools, private high schools, home schools, public schools outside of Texas, or those who have a GED may take the ACCUPLACER ® placement exam to be admitted to UTEP under the College Readiness standard. Complete ACCUPLACER ® scores include Reading, Writing, and College Math sections. For more information, visit Student Assessment & Testing.

4. Submit TAKS Exam ScoresRead More

You will be considered for admission if you obtain minimum TAKS scores of 2200 in Mathematics, 2200 in English Language Arts, and 3 in Writing.

5. Reviewed AdmissionRead More

If you do not qualify for admission based on any of the pathways listed above, you may still be considered under reviewed admission. This review gives consideration to your high school record, academic preparation, types of courses taken, and grades earned in specific courses. Standardized tests scores are also considered. You may be asked to submit additional documents for consideration. For more information, email Michael Talamantes at mtalaman@utep.edu or call 915-747-5890.

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