Dr. João Ricardo Faria


Kelly Hall 410
Phone: 915-747 8938
Fax: 915-747 7948
Website: http://jockafaria.googlepages.com/home


  • Ph.D. Economics, University of Kent at Canterbury, 1998
  • MA Economics, University of Brasilia, 1991
  • BA Economics, University of Brasilia, 1988
  • BA Geography, University of Brasilia, 1987


Professor Faria research and instructional areas are Macroeconomics;Entrepreneurship; Economics of Education; Economics of Conflict andTerrorism. His over 95 journal articles have been published recently in theJournal of Money, Credit and Banking, Journal of Conflict Resolution, Research Policy, Theory and Decision, Journal of International Money and Finance, Economics of Education Review and Economics Letters. Dr.Faria is a member of the editorial board of the Journal ofSocio-Economics, Economics Research International, Open PoliticalScience Journal, Applied Economics: Systematic Research, and guesteditor of the Journal of Policy Modeling, and has served as referee forover 50 journals in economics, political science and mathematics as wellas for the National Science Foundation, British Academy, SocialSciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and Israel ScienceFoundation. Dr. Faria was a visiting Professor at Technical University of Lisbon, Universite Paris XIII, University of Alberta, and University of York. Besides his academic research, Dr. Faria has worked asconsultant for the World Bank and European Central Bank..

Edited Book

Economic Growth, Inequality and Migration (2002) Edited by Amnon Levy and João Ricardo Faria, Cheltenham, Edward Elgar.

Recent Journal Publications

  • Search and research: The influence of editorial board on journals' quality (2012) Theory and Decision, forthcoming (with Damien Besancenot and Kim Huynh)
  • Demographic dynamics in poor countries: Labor market conditions and gender inequalities (2012) Journal of Development Studies 48, 99-114 (with Adolfo Sachsida)

  • From unemployed to entrepreneur: The role of absolute bequest motive (2012) Economics Letters 114, 120-123 (with Zhongmin Wu)
  • A vintage model of terrorist organizations (2012) Journal of Conflict Resolution, forthcoming (with Daniel Arce).
  • Do Central Banks affect Tobin's q? (2012) International Review of Economics and Finance, forthcoming (with Andre Mollick, Adolfo Sachsida and Wang Le)
  • Counterterrorism and its impact on terror support and recruitment: Accounting for backlash (2012) Defence and Peace Economics, forthcoming (with Daniel Arce)
  • An integro-differential approach to terrorism dynamics (2011) Defence and Peace Economics 22, 595-605.
  • Paradigm depletion, knowledge production and research effort (2011) Metroeconomica, forthcoming (with Damien Besancenot and Andreas J. Novak).
  • Demographic dynamics in poor countries: Labor market conditions and gender inequalities (2011) Journal of Development Studies, forthcoming (with Adolfo Sachsida).
  • Tobin's q and the US inflation (2010) Journal of Economics and Business 62, 401-418 (with Andre V. Mollick).
  • Returns to networking in academia (2010) Netnomics 11, 103-117 (with Rajeev Goel)
  • Entrepreneurship and unemployment: A nonlinear bidirectional causality? (2010) Economic Modelling 27, 1282-1291 (with Juan Carlos Cuestas and Estefania Mourelle)
  • Good research and bad teaching? A business school tale (2010) Research in Economics 64, 67-72 (with Damien Besancenot).
  • Capital and labor mobility and their impacts on Mexico’s regional labor markets (2010) Journal of Development Studies 46, 1523-1542 (with Rene Cabral and Andre V. Mollick).
  • Persistence in airline accidents (2010) Disasters 34, 1123-1138 (with Carlos Barros and Luis Gil-Alana).
  • Why Business Schools do so much research: A signaling Explanation (2009) Research Policy 38, 1093-1101 (with Damien Besancenot and Radu Vranceanu).
  • The effect of oil price on China's exports (2009) China Economic Review 20, 793-805 (with A.V. Mollick, P.H. Albuquerque and M. Leon-Ledesma).
  • Unemployment and entrepreneurship: A cyclical relation? (2009) Economics Letters 105, 318-320 (with Juan Carlos Cuestas and Luis Gil-Alana).
  • Persistent high ambition and substance abuse: A rationalization of a vicious circle (2008)  Journal of Economics 94, 261-274 (with Amnon Levy).
  • A simple nonlinear dynamic model for unemployment: Explaining the Spanish case (2008) Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society, Article ID 981952, 11 pages, doi:10.1155/2008/981952 (with M. Leon-Ledesma).
  • Can globalization stop the decline in commodities' terms of trade? The Prebisch-Singer hypothesis revisited (2008) Cambridge Journal of Economics 32, 683-701(with A.V. Mollick, P.H. Albuquerque and M. Leon-Ledesma).
  • Terrorism in Africa:  Persistence and poverty (2008) Journal of Policy Modeling 30,55-69 (with Carlos Barros and Luis Gil-Alana)
  • Demographic and technological growth in tourism market (2008) Tourism Economics 14, 115-121.
  • The tenure game: Building up academic habits (2008) Japanese Economic Review 59, 370-380 (with Goncalo Monteiro)

Personal Website: http://jockafaria.googlepages.com/home