Undergraduate Certificate in North American Studies


Individuals who earn the undergraduate certificate in North American Studies will recognize the areas of current cooperation among the countries of North America in key areas such as immigration, security, and development. Students also receive a solid introduction to important topics in the relationships among Canada, Mexico, and the United States and gain insights into strategies which do or could foster cooperation in the region. Nine semester credit hours are required to complete the certificate.


Core Course (3 credit hours)
POLS 4363: North American Relations

Prescribed Electives (Choose two courses for 6 credit hours)
LABS 3301: The Border
CRIJ 3351: Criminal Justice on the US-Mexico Border
CRIJ 4311: Immigration Law and Administration
POLS 3361: International Security
POLS 4313: Southwestern Border Politics
POLS 4339: US-Latin American Relations
POLS 4315: Latinos in the American Political System
SOCI/ANTH/CHIC 4306 or ANTH3315 Colonias on the US-Mexico Border
SOCI/ANTH 4308: US-Mexico Border Society and Culture
SOCI/ANTH 3320: Indigenous Cultures of North America
HIST 3309: Mexican-American History
HIST 3325: Immigration and Ethnicity in the United States

For more information, contact Dr. Gaspare Genna (ggenna@utep.edu)