What's the difference between a BA in Art and a BFA in Art?

A BA in Art allows you to major in a studio art area (Ceramics, Drawing, Graphic Design, Metals, Painting, Printmaking, or Sculpture) and minor in a non-studio area within the Art Department (Art History or Museum Studies) or in an area of study outside of the art department. In addition to the 21 credit hours of art foundation and 24 credit hours of major area coursework required, BA students must take 6 credits of a foreign language and 12 credits of upper division block elective courses within the College of Liberal Arts but outside of their major and minor area departments. The minor area in the BA is typically 18 credits but some minors may require more credits.

A BFA is a studio art degree and as such requires the major concentration and the minor to be in studio areas. As part of the art foundations, students must complete the beginning level course in each of the seven studio areas along with two additional art history courses beyond the two surveys. Students on the BFA plan will complete 48 credit hours in the art foundations, 21 hours in their major concentration, and 12 credit hours in their minor.

Along with the BA in Art and BFA in Studio Art, the art department also offers a BA in Art with a concentration in All Levels Art Education, and a BA in Art History. To view the degree plans click here.

How can I know if my transfer credits have been counted toward my degree?

Go to Gold Mine in My.UTEP.edu; select Student Records; select Degree Evaluation, then follow the prompts to generate the degree evaluation. This will display the degree plan you are currently pursuing and will show which requirements of the degree have been fulfilled and the courses that have satisfied the requirements.

If there are courses completed at institutions other than UTEP that aren't being automatically applied toward your degree, you may check with the art department advisor about requesting substitution credit for those courses. You will need to provide a catalog course description or syllabus for the course in order to submit the substitution request. Depending on the class you are trying to get substitution credit for, you may also be asked to show a portfolio of your work.

What do I need to do to graduate?

Maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher in the University Core, in your Major, and in your Minor. The semester prior to your expected graduation date, see the art department advisor about the number of courses still required to complete your degree. Also in the semester prior to graduation, go to the College of Liberal Arts Dean's Office to clear for graduation (located in room 343 of the Liberal Arts Building).

How can I get into a closed class?

Ask for permission from the instructor. If the instructor agrees to let you in, s/he must fill out and sign a Registration Waiver Form. Take the completed waiver form to the art department advisor or to the art office in room 350 FFA. The advisor or departmental secretary will process the waiver in the computer that will then allow you to register for the class. Please note that the advisor or secretary will not register you for the class, they just process the waiver. You have to register for the class yourself.

Are there any art scholarships?

Scholarships are available for art majors, art education majors and art history majors. Scholarship applications are reviewed each April; information about the exact day and the application process will be posted in the art building, announced in classes, and posted to the art department's Facebook page.

Are there any internships available through the art department?

Although the department doesn't offer any specific internships, it does encourage internship opportunities for our students. Our students have earned internships at El Paso firms such as Sanders Wingo, Ghostlight Creative, and Viva Creative Group, and at out-of-town locations such as the New York based design firm Charley, the Newseum in Washington DC, and contemporary art institutions such as SITE Santa Fe and The Chinati Foundation in Marfa, TX.

To find out more about the department's internship policy please go to http://academics.utep.edu/Default.aspx?tabid=15949

Where can I find out what's happening in the art department?

Become a friend of the department's Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/UTEPDOArthttps://www.facebook.com/groups/311651286995/