Edgar Bonilla Sculpture Display
UTEP faculty are among the most innovative and significant artists, designers, art educators, and art historians working today. They are leaders in their disciplines and of their fields. They also include award-winning teachers in arts education—not an easy combination to find. At UTEP you will experience faculty who are committed educators, personally invested in nurturing their students and helping them to redefine their media in preparation for a professional career. 

UTEP faculty teach by word and by example, demonstrating daily what a life in art is all about. UTEP faculty are practitioners who create, critique, write, research, exhibit, and publish nationally and internationally. They are widely recognized art and design professionals, having garnered local and international prizes. You will find that some of the most extraordinary artists, designers and scholars you will meet in your entire career will be the mentor- teachers you find at UTEP. As the years pass, you may also find they have become some of your closest friends and most respected colleagues.


Vincent Burke Department Chair

Vincent Burke

Department Chair & Associate Professor

Phone:  915.747.7842
Office:  FOXA 350
E-mail:  vburke@utep.edu


Veronica Ceballos

Administrative Assistant/Dept. of Art

Phone: 915.747.5181
Office:  FOXA 350
E-mail: vceballo@utep.edu


Victoria Aviles

Administrative Assistant/Rubin Center

Phone: 915.747.6138
Office:  Rubin Center Room 208
E-mail: vmaviles@utep.edu


Javier Contreras
Technical Assistant

Phone: 915.747.6138
Office:  FOXA 250 B
E-mail: jcontreras@utep.edu