Qualification Criteria:

Student must  meet all of the following criteria:

1. Students must be a Criminal Justice major

2. Students must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Students must have

 completed all lower division required Criminal Justice courses. 

3. This is a one or two semester internship program depending on

 agency eligibility (3 hours of credit each semester) - students must

need two upper division electives to be eligible. 

4. The prospective intern must submit an internship packet including

 contact information as well as liability waiver. Once said

 documentation has been submitted and approved, the registration hold

 will be released by the Criminal Justice Department. 

5. Placement of the intern is the responsibility of the intern. Students

 must reach out the agencies at which they wish to intern and set up a

 placement. Spots at agencies are limited and are offered on a first

 serve basis within the needs of the agency. 

6. Students will be required to meet with the Internship Coordinator

 prior to their placement. During this interview, the student will be able

 to investigate the nature of the internship and ask questions relative to

 the work experience of the internship. The Internship Coordinator will

 assess your level of commitment and interest. 

7. The agencies will make the final determination of which students

 will be accepted for an internship.