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All agencies will require a completed application and background check. Extensive background check and any preliminary additional agency requirements may be required.

Law Enforcement

U.S. Marshals

Immigration & Customs Enforcement

El Paso Police Department

El Paso County Sheriff's Office

UTEP Police Department (in process of being finalized)

Criminal Courts

U.S. Attorney's Office

Public Defenders Office

Local Private Criminal Defense Attorney

Adult Community-Based Corrections

U.S. Federal Probation

El Paso Veteran's Treatment Court

West Texas Community Supervision (Adult Probation

Texas District Parole

Dismas Charities (Male Federal Halfway House)

Juvenile Justice

El Paso Juvenile Probation Department

Family & Child Protective Services (CPS)

Crime Victims

Center Against Sexual and Family Violence

International Justice Issues

U.S. Department of State (Global issues: human trafficking, terrorism)

Strategic Security Corporation (Immigration Detention Facility)