Border Region Modeling Project

Historical Data

The Border Region Modeling Project collects data on a large number of variables of relevance to the regional economy.  Data collected for the El Paso metropolitan area cover a wide array of topics including personal income, employment, retail sales, real estate, transportation, lodging, and water consumption.  Demographic and economic data are also included for Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, and Chihuahua City, Mexico, as well as for Las Cruces, New Mexico.  

Access Border Region Historical Data

Borderplex Business Barometer

The Border Region Modeling Project also compiles the Borderplex Business Barometer, a monthly report that summarizes recent trends in the regional economy.  This report contains data and charts for a variety of variables.  Each variable is graphed in two ways.  The first chart provides a year-over-year comparison and the second shows somewhat longer-term trends over the course of the business cycle.  The first set of charts covers the El Paso and Las Cruces economies while the charts that follow illustrate cross-border commercial dynamics and economic conditions in northern Mexico.  Because the goal is to provide a snapshot of recent local economic performance, data published at a monthly frequency are primarily employed for the various Barometer diagrams.  The Borderplex Business Barometer is available from UTEP's Digital Commons website, which can be accessed via the link below.