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UTDR - University of Texas Data Repository

New high end data collection, management, hosting and persistent storage system.

UTDR is a professionally managed, centralized resource that provides reliability and security for very large-scale high-performance storage over the forthcoming 10 Gbps network that will connect UTEP to TACC resources. This data system provides 4-5 petabytes of storage, but is expected to grow rapidly in scale. UTDR facilitates data management proposals that are now a requirement in all NIH and NSF proposals. UT system researchers are afforded scientific competitive advantage by having access to large data collections across the UT System with a variety of software services. UTDR fulfills a number of simple and advanced needs:

·         cross-data collection and analyses,

·         critical storage and back up,

·         data mining applications, and

·         management plans for NIH and NSF proposals

Using the UTDR – University of Texas Data Repository for Storing Research Data

Storage space for data associated with a research project that you are working on at UTEP is available through the UTRC – University of Texas Research Cyberinfrastructure initiative. The UTRC has made the UTDR - University of Texas Data Repository, a UT System resource – available to UT System researchers. The UTDR is available at Texas Advanced Computing Center; for fault tolerance, data stored in the UTDR at TACC is replicated at the UTDR at Arlington Data Center.

Currently the cost structure and policy associated with UTDR storage allocations is as follows:

·        Start-up (small) allocations up to 5TB are available at no cost – in total these allocations will not exceed 10-20% of the storage capacity of the UTDR.

·        Strategic peer-reviewed allocations over 5TB for critical research with opportunity for significant external funding are available at no cost – in total these allocations will not exceed 20-30% of the storage capacity of the UTDR.

·        All other requests will be associated with an annual charge of $250/TB/year. Note, as shown in the document entitled “UTDR Rates vs. Commodity Rates”, this is a very reasonable cost.

·        In the future, there may be allocations for PIs, projects, and institutions.

            To attain a UTDR storage allocation, the Principal Investigator (PI) of the research project must have a TACC account – directions for getting an account appear below under How to Request a New TACC Account. Once the PI has an account, s/he needs to login at the TACC User Portal with her/his system credentials (username and password) and then create a project and request an allocation – directions for doing this appear below under How to Create a Project and Request an Allocation. To allow other members of a research team to have access to allocated UTDR storage, each member of the group must get a TACC account and the PI must add the member to the project – directions for doing this appear below under How to Add Users to a Project.

How to Request a New TACC Account

How to Create a Project and Request an Allocation

How to Add Users to a Project



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