Requirements for the On-Campus BA in Criminal Justice

Complete a minimum of 120 semester hours, including at least 45 credits at the advanced (3300-4300) level as follows1:

College of Liberal Arts Requirements :


General Education Courses (Note requires MATH 1320)


Liberal Arts Block Electives2


Foreign Language


Minor in discipline different from CJ3




Criminal Justice (CRIJ) Requirements 4 :

The following four classes must earn a C or better


1301 Introduction to Criminal Justice

3300 Applied Research Methods in Criminal Justice

3313 Criminology

4312 Criminal Procedure

Must take 3 of the following 4 Classes


1306 Court Systems and Practices

1310 Fundamentals of Criminal Law

2313 Correctional Systems and Practices

2328 Police Systems an Practices

Upper division electives

Select 5 elective courses in CRIJ, of which four must be upper level electives (3000-4000)





1. More courses than listed above may be needed to meet the requirements of 120 credits minimum with at least 45 credits in upper level courses (3000-4000).

2. Block Electives should be completed in areas other than the Major.

3. Complete a minor of at least 18 hours, nine of which must be at the advanced (3300-4300) level. The minor field must be selected from a discipline different from that of the major field. Credit for courses taken to fulfill the minor may not be used to satisfy the major, general education core, or block requirements.

4. Choose a Minor (List of Useful Minors for CJ Majors Available in 116 Liberal Arts)

5. Student must have a minimum 2.0 GPA.

6. Elective credits cannot be used in meeting any other degree requirement. Electives of advanced (3300-4300) level may, however, may be applied toward satisfaction of the requirement of 45 advanced hours.