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UTEP Campus Involvement

Whether you are looking to participate in a student organization, attend an athletic event, or take in a movie or theater production on campus, many opportunities exist here at UTEP for you to get involved. Browse through the links on the right and we are confident you will find an involvement opportunity that is perfect just for you!

Included below you will find information on some of the organizations you can join including:
  • Medical Professions Institute
  • Law School Preparation Institute
  • University Honors Program
  • Graduate/Dual Credit Program (Fast Track)

Medical Professions Institute

If you are planning to attend dental, medical, optometry, physician assistant, or veterinary school joining the Medical Professions Institute (MPI) will help you find the right tools, establish a network, prepare for the MCAT, help you increase your chances in being accepted to the school of your choice and much more! Included below you will find some basic information on MPI and some of the resources they provide, for more information please visit their website linked below.

Getting Started

The MPI is your best source for information on pursuing a career in the medical professions, and what opportunities you have now as a student to participate in activities that will help you achieve your goals. By participating in the MPI you will:

  • Learn about admission requirements
  • Learn about internship opportunities
  • Serve your community through service projects
  • Meet faculty from the professional schools
  • Meet other students with similar goals and interests
  • Participate in MCAT reviews, internship workshops, research symposiums and other opportunities!

If you are interested in becoming involved with MPI, linked below is some basic information on advising, courses required for admission to most medical professional schools and applications to certain UTEP affiliated medical programs.


Early Medical School Acceptance Program

Early Medical School Selection Program

Law School Preparation Institute

If you plan to attend law school, the Law School Preparation Institute (LSPI) is your best source for information, professional development, and involvement opportunities. The LSPI helps UTEP students of all majors develop the critical thinking skills and study habits that are crucial to be successful in law school. While also helping students develop their skills in legal thought, research and writing. Through their academic programs and involvement opportunities LSPI prepares students for admission into the nation's top law schools. For more information please visit their website linked below.

Patricia and Paul Yetter Law School Preparation Institute


Miners Hall 108

Office Hours:

Monday - Thursday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Friday 8 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Phone Number

(915) 747-8866

Getting Started

If you are interestedin participating in the LSPI College Program feel free to contact themwith any questions you may have, to your right you will find theircontact information. Also, linked below you will find the webpage whereapplications for new students are available. After being admitted to theprogram you will learn more about what opportunities you haveavailable. 

University Honors Program (UHP)

The University Honors Program allows outstanding undergraduate students who strive for academic excellence, and who seek local and global involvement opportunities, to participate in a richer and more challenging academic experience that also enables more personalized contact between faculty and peers. Programs the UHP directs include:

      • The Student Leadership Institute (SLI)
      • The Student Enrichment Experience (SEE)
      • The Global Opportunities Student Enrichment Experience (GO SEE)

      • The UHP Peer Mentor Program
      • The UHP Discussion Forum Series

To learn more about what programs you can participate in through UHP please visit their website linked below.

Undergraduate/Graduate Dual Credit Program (Fast track)

The Undergraduate/Graduate Dual-Credit Program enables undergraduate UTEP students to receive dual undergraduate and graduate credit for up 15 hours of UTEP graduate course work as established by participating programs. Students who are interested must meet the following requirements to apply:

      • Have completed at least 90 hours of undergraduate course work toward their degree with a minimum of 24 of those hours at UTEP.
      • Have and maintain a minimum 3.30 undergraduate GPA.

      • Satisfy any additional requirements as requested by participating graduate programs.

To download the application and for more information click on the links below.


(The Accelerated Professional, Relevant, Integrated Medical Education)

High school seniors interested in attending medical school

Through A-PRIME TIME students have the opportunity to complete an M.D. in as few as 6 years, in contrast to the traditional 8-year pathway. The A-PRIME TIME program at UTEP is designed to integrate an accelerated undergraduate and medical school curriculum that will provide students with mentored training in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities along with clinical experiences and professional identity formation. A-prime offers a cost-conscious and exceptionally relevant option for future physicians who will be trained to serve in the modern healthcare environment.

Benefits of participating in A-PRIME TIME include:

  • Earn your Bachelor and Medical degrees in as few as 6 years
  • Undergraduate summer programs in coordination with the medical schools
  • Opportunities to participate in biomedical research
  • Save one year in medical school tuition
  • Supervised clinical experiences, faculty mentoring and more!

To learn more about A-PRIME and the application process please visit: