The University of Texas at El Paso National Security Studies Institute National Security Studies Institute
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Dr. Stephen Coulthartsjcoulthart@utep.eduIntelligence Analysis/Methodology, Program and Policy Evaluation, Counterterrorism Policy, Middle Eastern Security
Dr. Misty Dukemcduke@utep.eduLegal Psychology, Intelligence Interviewing
Dr. Gabriella E. Sanchez gesanchez4@utep.eduTransnational Organized Crime, Border Crossings and Human Mobility Efforts, Resistance and Insurgent Movements
Dr. Larry Valerolavalero2@utep.eduU.S. Intelligence and National Security, Strategy, Modern Warfare
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Dr. Paul D. Ashbypdashby@utep.eduNorth American Regional Security and Political Economy, U.S. Foreign Policy
Dr. Joseph P. Bassijpbassi@utep.eduHistory of Science and Technology, US National Security, Space Policy

Dr. Brett Morris

bemorris@utep.eduStrategic Studies, Middle Eastern Security, Information Operations

Dr. Michael McGee 

Dr. James McNabb

Col J.P. Peltierjnpeltier@utep.eduAfrican Security, Intelligence, Special Operations

Dr. Christine Sixta Rinehart

csrinehart@utep.eduSecurity Studies, Terrorism, Conflict Resolution

Dr. Daniel Szarke

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Dr. Raed Aldouriraeda@utep.eduGeographic Information Systems
Mr. Louis Barraganlebarragan@utep.eduHomeland Security, National Security, Law Enforcement Intelligence, Counterterrorism
Ms. Joanne Bates
Public Health and Homeland Security, Emergency Management
Dr. Mario Caire
Cybersecurity, Cyberspace and National Security
Commander Paul Crosspcross@utep.eduLaw Enforcement Intelligence, Border Security, Homeland Security
Mr. David Field Research, Border Security, Homeland Security
Dr. Geoff Hammghamm@utep.eduHistory of International Relations, Middle East, History of Espionage
Mr. David Jimenezdjimenez2@utep.eduLaw Enforcement Intelligence, Border Security, Homeland Security
 Mr. Jose P. Jimenezjpjimenez@utep.eduTransnational Organized Crime & associated Criminal Street Gangs, Homeland security/terrorism 
Ms. Melinda Lauckmlauck@utep.eduHomeland Security, Legal Issues in Homeland Security, Law Enforcement
Mr. James Leimanjkleiman@utep.eduIntelligence, Security Management, Cybersecurity
Mr. Daniel Lindstromdllindstrom@utep.eduTerrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Counterintelligence
Dr. Agustin Maciel-Padillaamacielpadilla@utep.eduMexican National Security, Border Security, Intelligence Analysis
Ms. Lesley Rockwellllrockwell@utep.eduIntelligence Analysis, Intelligence Writing and Briefing, Counterterrorism
Dr. Joseph Ulatowskijwulatowski@utep.eduPhilosophy of Cognitive Science, Ethics and Security
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Ms. Carmen Medellin                         Program Coordinator/Manager and Academic Advisor for the INSS, DSS. and BASS programs.