Early College High School (ECHS) Academic Success Center
What is an Early College High School (ECHS)? Minimize    

The ECHS initiative enables high school students to earn an associates degree and their high school diploma simultaneously upon graduation from an ECHS campus. The program promotes access to a higher education to low-income underrepresented students, and an opportunity to participate in a vigorous academic program.

In Region 19, which includes El Paso and surrounding areas, there are currently nine early college high school campuses. These include:

ECHS at UTEP Minimize    

                                 ECHS Students at UTEP Demographics

Snapshot of ECHS Students at UTEP from Fall 2009 through Spring 2016

  • 1,541 unique ECHS students have entered UTEP.
  • During this time, UTEP has awarded 213 undergraduate degrees, and 6 graduate degrees to ECHS graduates.

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