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Military Affiliated Students

Are you a Military Affiliated Student (MAS) - active duty service member, former military member (veteran), or a family member (child/spouse) of a military service member?
If you are, then be sure to contact us and let us know so that we can inform you about the resources and opportunities available to you. We will connect you with the dedicated staff at the Military Student Success Center (MSSC) to learn about services and resources including information about GI Bill and military educational benefits process, Miner Green Zone training, and tips for college success. 

To learn more about the MSSC visit: http://military.utep.edu
Phone: (915) 747-5342  |  Email: mssc@utep.edu.

Military to Miner Orientation
If you are currently serving in the military (Active Duty/Reservist/National Guard) OR are a Veteran AND will be attending UTEP in the Summer or Fall 2017 semester, the Military to Miner Orientation is available for you on March 23, 2017.
- Military dependents (spouse/children) can register for any other Orientation session
Contact the Office of New Student Orientation at 915-747-6752 if you are unable to register via your MyStatus Portal.
- Ensure you bring necessary documentation to certify your military (VA/Hazlewood) education benefits. Ex: VA Letter of Eligibility, DD214, ID Card, etc.
Contact the Military Student Success Center if you have any questions about your military education benefits:

Phone: 915-747-5342
Email: mssc@utep.edu

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