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UTEP Press Release: 

Our Peers Assisting Student Success (PASS) Leaders and Tutors are selected by professors who teach the supported courses, based on their exemplary performance in those courses. The PASS Leaders work closely with faculty to provide weekly collaborative peer-assisted study sessions in historically difficult courses. The tutors work closely with faculty members to provide individualized help to students both face-to-face and online. 


Overall, the Miner Learning Center (MLC) goal is to promote lifelong student success by providing innovative learning techniques and resources.


Peer-Assisted Study Sessions available for the following classes:


ART 1300 ASTR 1307

HIST 1301 HIST 1302

POLS 2310 POLS 2311

PSYC 1301 SOCI 1301

ESCI 1301 GEOL 1313

MATH 1508

Tutoring available for the following classes:

PHYS 1403 PHYS 1404 PHYS 2420


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