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Sergio Iñiguez    

Dr. Sergio Iñiguez
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Ph.D., Florida State University (2011)

Associate Professor

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Behavioral Neuroscience Laboratory
Research Interests    

Dr. Iñiguez' research focus is on the developmental neurobiology of mood-related illnesses, such as anxiety and major depressive disorder. To do this, his preclinical research program comprises a multidisciplinary approach (i.e., behavioral, molecular, and pharmacological) to examine how juvenile exposure to stress and/or psychotropic medications (i.e., fluoxetine, ketamine), influence sensitivity to drugs of abuse (i.e., cocaine), as well as memory-related performance, later in life.

Sample Publications    

Iñiguez SD, Aubry A, Riggs LM, Alipio JB, Zanca RM, Flores-Ramirez FJ, Hernandez MA, Nieto SJ, Musheyev D, Serrano PA. (2016). Social defeat stress induces depression-like behavior and alters spine morphology in the hippocampus of adolescent male C57BL/6 mice. Neurobiology of Stress, in press. Full Text

Iñiguez SD, Riggs LM, Nieto SJ, Wright KN, Zamora NN, Cruz B, Zavala AR, Robison AJ, Mazei-Robison MS. (2015). Fluoxetine exposure during adolescence increases preference for cocaine in adulthood. Scientific Reports, 5, 15009; doi: 10.1038/srep15009. Full Text

Francis TC, Chandra R, Friend DM, Finkel E, Dayrit G, Miranda J, Brooks JM, Iñiguez SD, O’Donnell P, Kravitz A, Lobo MK. (2015). Nucleus accumbens medium spiny neuron subtypes mediate depression-related outcomes to social defeat stress. Biological Psychiatry, 77(3), 212-22. PMID: 25173629. Full Text

Iñiguez SD, Riggs LM, Nieto SJ, Dayrit G, Zamora NN, Shawhan KL, Cruz B, Warren BL. (2014). Social defeat stress induces a depression-like phenotype in adolescent male c57bl/6 mice. Stress, 17(3), 247-255. PMID: 24689732. Full Text

Iñiguez SD, Alcantara LF, Warren BL, Riggs LM, Parise EM, Vialou V, Wright KN, Dayrit G, Nieto SJ, Wilkinson MB, Lobo MK, Neve RL, Nestler EJ, Bolaños-Guzmán CA. (2014). Fluoxetine exposure during adolescence alters responses to aversive stimuli in adulthood. Journal of Neuroscience, 34(3), 1007-1021. PMID: 24431458. Full Text

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